Friday, February 25, 2005

O Man I wish I hadn't seen that...

... and yet it gave me further impetus to carry on in the way I am going.
I am speaking of the works of Robert and Sonya Delauney.
I was looking for examples of Sonya's work to use to teach a 4th grade art class.
I found a few examples of her work, but then I found the works of her husband and his images are burned into my brain.
They are wonderful!
And yet, because their perfect symmetry is before my waking eyes, I am sorely tempted to process my own works in that vein as a comparison to his. I want to avoid that temptation so, I put away the images I had printed for the class. I will not set my eyes on them again until I teach that class. In the mean time I will plan (*plan* being the operative word here) to paint my poor heart out in all of the geometrical variations that were already foisting themselves onto my brush prior to this discovery of Mr. Delauney, in an effort to solidify my own idea of style before consuming more of his.

I hope that made sense?
Maybe it is a totally neurotic sentiment and cluster of ideas and intents?
I just know that it is my gut reaction, to be thrilled and freaked a little, simutaneously.

There it is.
Art chat.
For your Friday evening, February 25, 2005.
When visiting the Elf Name Generator
Mihshehl came out as:

Maranwë Carnesîr

When Visiting the Hobbit Name Generator
Mihshehl came out as:

Melilot Loamsdown of Deephallow

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sound check 1

Test this out if you dare/can.

AHA! It works.
Well that was a lovely tune from our dear friend Brak.
Now that it works, be assured, more devilry will be afoot soon enuff.

My favorite song of Brak's being "don't Touch me!"

Wow, this could lead also to my own weekly aud blog.

hmmmmmm....havta watch the bandwidth.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

When it rains it pours..

...too much to do, too little time...

Why is it that when you unblock in one area creatively speaking, you seem to have a flood of ideas in many of the other areas as well? Far too many to actually accomplish in the span of a normal day/week/month/year?

Suddenly the synapses are firing.
Suddenly the ducks are flying home to roost, and so are the geese and the seagulls too, and they don't all have a perch to sit on yet.


But it's good - don't get me wrong.
I am happy that inspiration dicided to pay me a visit.
Ideas that are stupid, cheesy and impossible flock right in with the ones that
may have potential. Sometimes, when one hasn't seen such a bird in a long while, it's difficult to tell the difference between a gull and a goose.

But that doesn't mean the situation has gone...'fowl'...(sorry) ;o)
On the contrary.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Anti-Valenitne sentiments

Salar sent me these over the weekend.
She says they're evil.
I love them!

I thought that I could love no other
Until, that is, I met your brother.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty and so is your head.

Of loving beauty you float with grace
If only you could hide your face.

Kind, intelligent, loving and hot
This describes everything you are not.

I want to feel your sweet embrace
But don't take that paper bag off of your face.

I love your smile, your face, and your eyes
Dang, I'm good at telling lies!

My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife:
Marrying you screwed up my life.

I see your face when I am dreaming.
That's why I always wake up screaming.

My love, you take my breath away.
What have you stepped in to smell this way?

My feelings for you no words can tell
Except for maybe "go to hell."

What inspired this amorous rhyme?
Two parts vodka, one part lime.

Friday, February 11, 2005


The Bane of My Day?

Yes, I came back from a lunch break and the photocopy/fax/printer is stuck at Fax Rec've mode, and gives me error lights and beeping saying load paper - which it is already BLOODY FULL OF!!!!! At this point in the day, do I care? have a I recklessly become an employee with a bad attitude on this Friday?
Apparently so.
I am sorry.
But this is one receptionist who can't tell the difference between a RJ 21x and a set of 66 blocks.
Nor can I tell the difference between who's responsibility it is to complete a cross connect.

But they all get mad at me when I don't grok the tech talk nor do I know what peice of equipment when they tell me over the phone what I am supposed to do to configure the building for telephone and internet services. With three different providers, saying they have 12 different responsibilities, and never does the one at hand seem to be there's, I don;t know how I am supposed to know everybodies flippin' job in the telephone programming world.

And ya know what?
I am not supposed to know either.
By day, I am not a "telephone guy."
I am a secretary.

Monday, February 7, 2005

I can't carry it for you.

It was good.

When ever Frodo found he could not go on, Sam was usually right there, at the right time.

That was a good thing.

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Blue Mass: Child atrocities and a Sermon

I share the link, which I found over at Blue Max's MetaBlog

It is a terrible terrible atrocitie committed on a little boy by his father and father's friends.

If you are a parent, I would suggest you NOT go read the article itself. Blue Max's reaction is worth reading as we all can identify with it. The details of the article which he discreetly linked to, are just far too painful but it did get me thinking, and rather than post this rant in the comment section at Blue's Blog, I decided to slap up it here.

While I cannot quote chapter and verse, the only consolation I can find after reading something like this is that, while God is loving and gracious He also says, "I will in no way, leave the guilty unpunished." This horrid man may get human justice, but imho, it will never be sufficient to the crime. This is one that only God can truly exact proper retribution for. Still the real queston is not whether this beast-of-a-man gets what he deserves or not, but how will this little boy be enabled to find a way to grow into a normal life someday?

Vile things happen in the world.

Rain falls upon the evil as well as the good.

I can't currently grasp all the 'why's and why not's' as to God's choices to step in and when not to, but I do know this:

Stuff like this, which goes on every minute all over the globe, breaks His heart and enrages Him. Vengeance is His and He says He will repay in full.

Conversely, I hope I do not get what I deserve.

I am like the thief on the cross beside the Almighty.

I deserve my punishment. Never the less, He chose to take it for me.

If I ever harbored an angry thought, surely I am guilty of murder.

As guilty as the horrible man and his friends.

Do I deserve Death and Hell?


Do I have better?


It is only because He Himself paid the penalty required, so that I wouldn't have to.

He is my Scape Goat.

And has cleared the pile of debris out of the way so that God can now find me and change me.

Hard to believe, but this evil, terrible man, IF he truly, truly at the core of his heart, repented of the terrible terrible atriocities he committed on his son, and cried out to the almighty God of heaven and earth who is perfect and good at all times, if this man called out for forgiveness, He could receive it.

It is a hard truth.

But that is the whole point of the Cross.

And there is No One who is not guilty of something damning.

If we say we have no sin, then we are calling God a liar.

Anybody rememebr Wesley Alan Dodd?

His crimes were similar to this man's - well, actually, they were worse.

Wesley Alan Dodd was like a Ted Bundy, but in Oregon and Washington in the early 90's.

I remember when he was captured.

I remember having a small boy of my own. I remember the news reports and how this man's visage haunted my motherly nightmares.

As his trial came to a close, I remember, I was standing in my kitchen and the thought siddenly struck me. What needs to happen here, is this: Wesley Alan Dodd, needs God. He needs to realise the full impact of his vileness. He needs to be completely and utterly broken over it. He needs to cry out tot he God of the universe for forgiveness, from a heart of despair over what he has done. He needs to receive that forgiveness and then he needs to be put to death.

I remember as sure as I am typing this. I was standing in my kitchen. I went and sat on the couch. I prayed all of the above. A few months later, that is exactly what happened.

It boggled my mind, that God was so absotively and utterly enormous that He could forgive even the most heinous things that broke His great heart. Will I see Wesley Alan Dodd someday when I stand before the almighty creator of the universe? It is hard for me to accept, but I believe yes I will. Because God is way, way bigger than my finite understanding and my puny ability to grasp His forgiveness.

So much for Sunday.

Can you tell I didn't make it to church today?

Guess I delivered my own sermon, huh?

Thanks Blue Max, for the inspiration that God could use to remind me of who HE is.

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Mexico Update Saturday PM

As of Saturday night, 7:30 pm Pacific time, Stu and Scout have safely re-crossed over the border into the US.

Her ear is still leaking fluids apparently but still (as always) she seems to be experiencing no pain. I spoke to her briefly on the phone, and she was in VERY good spirits. She commented on how she had made some new friends in Mexico - which was a specific prayer of my own.

They expect to arrive back at home late late late, Monday Evening.

I am not sure where they will be staying tomorrow night. I hope they know. ;O)

I will keep you all updated.


Blast From the Past:

Geez, check this out.

I was going through a bunch of old photo's and found this one.

All the kids were so little, (and some not even born yet!)


Blake decided to cut his hair today.

He cut his own hair, he cut it himself.

Need I say more.

We wanted me to video tape it for him.

Midway through, I asked him if he really wanted to continue doing this?

He said, "well, there really isn't a Ctrl+Z option here, is there?"

Uh, no.

It could be worse.

But I don't know how.


I won a Major Award


It is NOT a lamp shaped like a leg!

As James Lileks says,"There is no such thing as bad publicity."

I should let Bryan define the Chastening Head:

(Here I have cut and pasted a snippet, for the whole story you should check out his post on this subject. )

Quoting Bryan:

"Lileks also likes to throw in the perennial Chastening Perry Mason head- a graphic indication of Lilek's Glare of Disapproval toward whatever recipient he deems fit. I think it is a good literary device in the Blogosphere, one I wish to adopt if Mr. Lileks doesn't mind too much. I have quite a use for a Chastening agent on occasion. However, I do not believe that using the aforementioned Mr. Perry would be appropriate as he is a de facto employee of The Bleat. I have, then, assembled a cast of replacement Chastening Agents to use. I desire that you voice your opinions as to which should be adopt by the Metablogger as our In-house Chastening Agent. Put your opinion in the Comments section. I'm also looking for suitable write-in candidates; feel free to nominate your own. Mind you, I'll need a suitable picture of the candidate showing the appropriate, errmmm... guise. "

Bryan also has assembled at the above link, a gallery of images for his readers to vote on. Such notables as Perry Mason, and Saffron. Alfalfa, and Scotty of the Starship Enterprise (My personal favorite).

But as of today I get to carry out the chastening agent duties for the time being.

(Or up until I incurr the wrath of the bloghost, (which may take no time at all) resulting in the deployment of my own chastening glare upon myself?)

Friday, February 4, 2005

Those waiting for Mexico update...

I haven't rec'd an update yet for today, so you may want to bypass today's random entries and check back sometime over the weekend.

I imagine this will be a pretty full weekend for the crew, so Stu may not have time to email as frequently. Have a great day.


What I Did on Wednesday...

Being that its the start of the new year, I started working on the Amarylis.

I am thinking a chrome frame?

I haven't decided yet if I want to matte the thing. It might end up as too busy.

And if I did, then the colour of the matte might detract from this one. I thought about pulling a green from the stem or one of the reds out, to use for a matte, but I can't envision it working.

Maybe this is another one I have to sit on for a while.

I could pull out the silver gray from the background and use that for a matte colour. I could do a black matte and pick up that silver colour by adding that inner matte.

I feel like matting this would draw the eye to the Matte and not the the flower.

Maybe I am wrong.

Feel free to educate me.


And After the Day Job Rant...

Look what my boss brings to me!

A yes, the rarely perfected glory of the Sisters Bakery!

And such a delectable treat is not complete without a "Light - Crisp - Refreshing" Diet Pepsi!

Art Class

Today I teach the combined 4th and 5th graders.

It has been a few years since I was a permanent installment at the school, and the last class I taught was the 5th graders who, at that time were in 1st grade. I will run the art-cards, and they will be a huge help since they were exposed to them so long ago, and then we will pursue a new artist: Horace Pippin. Well, a new artist for me anyway. I have managed to clump my lunch and breaks all together so this will give me a full hour and a half; to get to the school, teach the one hour lesson, and then get back to work.

I am so glad to have a full hour for art.

It is dead impossible to teach any thing of any value in 40 minutes - which is what I had previously. I used to get 1 1/2 hours with each grade, each week. It's way more fun to teach when you have that kind of a block of time.

How I miss it.

Again, it's a matter of wishing I could quit my day job, so that I could volunteer teach all the grades again at the school.

Stupid, bloody day job!

It's only function is to supply necessary funds for me to squander on frivolous things like mortgage and utilities and food, etc.

Wretched awful little day job!

Getting in the way of nice things like art teaching and playing music/busking and painting and writing.

Please MR. Boss Sir,


I need to keep my day job Mr Sir.

May I please lick your boots today Mr. Sir?

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Mexico Mission Update #3

Good morning,

Things are going well here. We have the morning off and so Scout, Jim, Eric and I came up to the internet cafe. Not much new to report except I was ill last night and ended up getting out of bed 4 times. I feel better today but a few other people, mainly from Canada got struck as well. They are from Smithers, B.C. and are one of those musical families. They brought a couple of fiddles which the boys play, the girl plays Irish Whistle and piano the dad plays guitar.

They were with NCEM at one time and went through MDP with Dale and Carol Smith!

Small world!

We knew you would have gone crazy being down here and listening to them and not have your Hammered Dulcimer. They´ve been doing jigs and reels in the courtyard during break, which is seemingly not that outta place even for Mexico.

Everything seems outta place!

Scout has made good frineds with her roomates who are two women from Bend, 42 and 43 years old. They have been good roomates for Scout.

Well gotta go. We have adult outreach tonight but I´ll try to check my email again.

Mexico Mission Update #2

We (Scout and Stu) had a good day to day.

Last night we went to an adult-kid outreach in a work camp.

A real eye opener for Scout.

Today we went on a child evangelism trip to the other end of town.

Lots of poor kids.

Kinda like VBS on wheels.

They sang songs, got a story, did a craft (all outside)

and Scout helped serve the meal.

(A cup of milk with a dollop of peanut butter in it.)

She really wishes she could speak spanish so she could communicate with these kids.

She is really getting a heart for them which is what I had prayed would happen.

Prayer for Health:

I noticed goo in her right ear so I assume her ear drum burst again.

She said, as always, she didn't feel it. I had her clean up her ear.

She was at the end of her antibiotics and had missed a day.

She still has some pills (3 left over).

She is in good spirits though and we are working hard doing cleaning, hanging up sheets, whatever needs to be done and she sees how important all this stuff is to running a ministry.

Tonight we go to a chicken dinner that the students from the little Bible college they have here are doing. They do it as a fund raising trip for their missions trip to Oaxaca.

That is all for right now.


What a great day!


What a terrific day!

I took a"mental health" day.

I refused to answer the phone.

The kids were in school.

I painted for the first half of the day, and messed with my Sonic Foundry program and playing music the second half of the day.

I made progress on the whistle and mando' parts for Morning Jig.

I remember a long time ago, I was talking to a friend and telling him how I was gonna quit my day job to paint and play music - which I did. He was very encouraging, even when I had to take up the day job again, when Stu got laid off. I thought of him yesterday and, and said to myself,

"Dang Steve! Remember when we talked about the "what if's" of being able to spend your days, working on the projects that were closest to your heart, and managing to eek out a living from it at the same time?"

Call me an idealist and a dreamer, but I was reminded of the value of striving toward the things that other people might consider impossible. To achieve a goal, you have to look past it, and sink your energy into going beyond it.

Well, that right there gives me a whole world of activities and direction to ponder.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Missions Trip Update

Report From Scout's Baja Missions Trip:

The work detail went well yesterday. We sorted food and bagged it for the outreach ministry which hands out food and clothes to those families in need that come to the orphanage. (A lot of people that work at work camps and make 3 dollars a day. )

We´ll be going to some of those camps tonight and tomorrow. Dirt-mud floor houses no running water and no sanitation. Scout has been really good about using the Purell ´cuz there is a lot of germs running around.

We also pulled weeds and then house sat last night for house parents at the orphanage to give them a once a week break. They much appreciate it.