Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This is a really interesting report.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Potpourri : soul searching, part 137

How is it that we spend so much lifetime in confusion and yet we get some things so absolutely right on?

Though much in life eludes me, I know somethings deep within my core.

For example: I know that my energies are best spent investing in the care of my kids, as opposed to working a fulltime job. I do NOT udge moms who are able to work, I merely say that I do not have the emotional energies to be so divided for any length of time.
Though my kids be teens, they still have emotional needs, often unspoken ones, and my energies are best spent trying to anticipate them and either be there, standing in the gap for them and with them, or withholding judgements or advice knowing that some lessons they need to learn on their own, and I need to remain available to help them pick up the pieces.

The pursuit of happiness is futile.
Happiness depends solely on the "happenings" in your life.

Pursuing happiness is a waste of good energy, for the rich and the poor suffer alike.
The wise and the fool equally have strife and trials.
There is nothing new under the sun.

What then, can we look to?
What then, can we strive for?

A life well lived.
(In my own experience this is not something that I can do apart from the strength gained by
daily conversations with God Almighty Himself.)

A life lived in seeking to do good, even when it does not benefit ones self, actually ends up benefitting ones self in the long run.
A life lived by putting one's own needs last - this is not to ignore ones needs, but to count them as secondary or less than those of another's - leaves one being challenged to achieve greatness, and fosters humility in ones self.

We all need to choose to eat our own "Humble Pie."
The alternative - if we are lucky or God favours us - is that we will be humilated in order to bring about the blessed state of humility.
Frankly, I would think that choosing to humble ones self would be vastly preferable to being humiliated by God, via circumstances or repercussiosn from poor choices.

Do we cry "Justice! Let there be justice in the world!?"
Or do we cry "Mercy! Grant unto us mercy for we are an imperfect species, destined to ever fall short while we exist within our fleshly tent?"

Frankly when I am tempted to say, "I deserve better!," I think what I should really be saying is,
"What do I deserve?
Do I deserve Hell and Death?"
"Do I have better?"
Then I should shut up, get over myself, and seek to do good to others before seeking my own good."

Though I own this personally for my self, I fall short in carrying it out with any regularity, even so, I believe that it is a universality that could be owned by most Americans - and even by most westernized cultures.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I HATE this new Blogger interface

I hate Google, and I HATE with a passion this NEW interface.
It sucks!
I can NOT customise my new template the way I could the old one.
I hate that Google is forcing everythign under "One-happy-freakin-golden-roof!"
Ain't so.
I cam avidly looking into finally purchasing my own domain and will set up my own blog somewhere else where I am the one in control.

I HATE huge conglomerates.
I hate Microsoft, I hate Wal-mart and I basically hate big companies in principle...but look at me?
I am stuck as a prisoner to these same companies mentioned - except Google - because the only things I can afford are what they provide - and even then Microsoft is overpriced and buggy.

But until I grow in my abilities, I am stuck with some of these ills.

It bites.

Saturday Morning Wake Up

Well it is a herd of teen girlies holed up beneath my roof, while The Boy(tm) is away at Break Away Retreat for the weekend. In his absence they have absconded with the Desktop and parked multi-images of some teen hearththrob named "Jeremy Sumpter"(tm) (sp?) anyway, and to top it off, I awoke to much gleefull cackling as they watched this.

Stu is taking them all tubing up at HooDoo (local ski hill) today, and I will shampoo the carpets and get the laundry done while they are all up there freezing off their wee buttocks.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One year gone

Well James,
It's been a whole year.
It has been the worst year in a lot of ways.
I have known a couple of people in my life who have passed, but none of them were as good a friend as you have been to me.
I guess it all boils down to this:
I suppose God can wait to see the rest of us, but He just couldn't wait to have you right there with Him.

The Kirkpatrick Twins miss you in Canker Shores.
They were in the office earlier today working on a write up covering your one year remembrance celebration. I found it sitting on their desk, still waiting to go to print. After blotting away the numerous mocha-soy-decaf-latte stains I decided to print an excerpt of it here. I am sure they won't mind...

January 24th, 2007
Canker Shores Remembers Field Correspondant:

The town of Canker Shores is marking the passing of one of their own:

Jim "Zimmy" Zimmerman, who passed away on January 24th, 2006.
"Zimmy" as he was called by the locals, was a long time contributor and field correspondant for the Canker Shores Newspaper "The Shore Throat."
Local business owner, Marv Gillespie recalls, "He was a stout hearted lad who always had a ready hand out stretched to the needy or down-trodden."
January 24th has been set aside by town officials as a local holiday hereby known as "Zimmy Day."
The first celebration of remembrance was marked by an early AM Mass said at Our Lady of Absolute Absolution Catholic Church, with the pealing of the Bells set to commence at noon.
The event was well attended, with the crowd of worshippers filling the church and spilling out into the adjacent parking lot.
Father DuPuis was unable to get the electrical system which activates the bells to function properly, due to damage received during a storm last September so he opted instead to climb into his Chevy Impala and blow the horn 45 times, while the congregation prayed. The battery in his Impala began to wear down after a while, sounding more weak and anemic as it went. He decided to cut the service short at about 37 honks, secretly hoping that nobody was counting.
A community pot-luck was held in the evening at the One Way Baptist Church after which time an impromptu dance broke out in the narthex despite the protests of Elders Wives.
All in all, the day was well spent remembering the young man who touched so many lives.
Zimmy was one of our top correspondants, most noted for his coverage of local crimes and atrocities. His numerous personal writing credits include "Whale Dies", "Poor Santa", and "Sam the Ugly Dog." An archive of his personal works can be found here.

Anyway James,
you are still dreadfully missed - which I know was not your plan for any of us.
It's ok.
I look forward to seeing you again someday.
I suppose by then you be able to find time to tell me whatever happened with that "Mysterious Post."

Anyway, you are missed.
Thanks for being a big brother.
See ya around, ya goofball.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What a day

Well to those who sent them, thanks for the Birthday cards and wishes.
The last 24 hours have been fraught with tears as we anxiously awaited and then transmited word on our friends involved in the terrible car crash last night.

It is funny how sometimes God seems to keep you on your toes with regard to the need to pray for someone.

That is pretty much all I did last night.
This morning the church service was put on hold, while the entire church (500+) people prayed, members of the congregation praying aloud by turns. Grant (2nd grade) was not expected to be released from ICU until tomorrow or Tuesday night. He healed up well this morning and gained strength and was removed from ICU late the morning and placed in his own room.
While Tim remainds in ICU, recent updates indicate that he is stabilizing.

Blake (6th grader) was the only one conscious when the rescue vehicles arrived.
All fo the windows of the van were blown out, but he is talking to rescue personnel:

"I'm ok! Jesus is here. He's right here with me so its good. Please take care of my brother and sister and dad first. I am ok. I know that Jesus is with me."

He said the same to the abulance driver and to the hospital staff upon arrival.

This little guy has amazing faith, and when the crap hits the fan, what comes out of us is what is true. If we freak out and crumble in fear, or if we profess truth and take comfort from it.

Anyway, little dude said it all.

So it was a subdued (as much as possible) birthday. None of us were in much of a celabratory mood. Really, it was best just hanging at home with family, watching Farenheit 451 and having lasagna for dinner.

Not such a bad day when you consider the whole earth and the multitude of possibilities.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My freinds in car accident

The principal of our school is a very good freind of mine.
We have kown their whoel family, through think and thin for many years.
Tim and 3 of their 4 children were just in a terrible car wreck.
The children have minor injuries and Tim was take by helicopter to the nearest hospital.
These are such good good people. Their kids are firendly and polite.
Tiem and Peggy have been through the ringer with Peggy's internal ailments during the past few years and now for this to happen.
It is horribly tragic.
These are people who do not love God merely in name only.
They truly live out their faith in ways that I would aspire to.
They treat everyone equally, and with love and respect.
If you are a praying person, please pray for Tim.
Please pray for their family.
I will update as the days go on.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thanks for voting!

Thanks you guys, for helping me out here.
I really am pathetic I guess.
For one, I probably wouldn't have picked any of the things you guys did - (hence my need to query those who are smarted than I) and in the end, the organizers allowed me to have three entries, so along with the Joe -vs- the Java painting, I ended up going with what you guys chose as fotos:

The first one was Farmstead, and the second was Hooded Mermaid.
So I had them printed out at a buh-zillion dpi today, matted and framed and delivered into the hands of the organizers..

The next question is:
apparently they are having an "Artists Reception" friday night...

Is it "bad form" if I do not attend?

I detest forced social events, but I also do not want to piss anybody off.
Since it is the first time I am in this partiular show, I probably should attend out of respect, shouldn't I?
You're probably right.
Well, thanks for answering that.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Please Vote Here

I need your help!

I have been invited to submit one photo as well as a canvas to a local art show. I
already know which canvas I am putting up this time around (Joe -vs- The Java) but I don't know which photo to submit. My deadline is tomorrow.

I have posted the entries here:

Warren Burial Ground

Hooded Mermaid

Towel Butterfly

Shadow Puppets


Madras House

Can you please vote using the comment section below, either that or email me privately if you prefer?

I really haven't ever submitted any photos to a show yet and am torn as to which I shoud pick.
I only want to submit one.

Thanks for your help!


Monday, January 15, 2007

Keeping Priorities Straight

What a guy - that Walt!
So after my recent exodus from Admin-dom at the Lysts.com (A recent death in the family and the need to begin looking after my 80 yr old Da has left me litle time) Walt and I were chit chatting about some residual lyst business, and in an email, he touches on said business, but then gets right to the "meat" in that he says, "now lets talk about these technical problems that are keeping you from getting into the cavern."

Gotta love his dedication to serving others!
And to persevering to maintain community - that sense of "let no one be left behind."
Dude is a man after my own heart!
Gooooo Walt!


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Deschutes County Sherriff, Sisters Oregon Office: Swaggering Small Town Cops Swoop Down on Innocent Youths

Dang am I pissed!
Who the heck ever heard of a 10:pm curfew outside of a bloody war zone?
So it is Saturday night, January 13th.
I live in a small town.
Population less than 1200.
The most news worthy crimes here tend to be infractions commited when deer wander into the wrong yard, or when some kids prank the local busy body by lighting a sack of dog poop on fire and leaving it on her porch.
Imagine my ire, when my son comes home after I have dropped him off at 11pm for a simple game of Capture the Flag with his mates, and he comes home to regale me with tales of policemen chasing down others in his party and actually accosting him - asking him "what he had been drinking and where is the spray paint?"

I swear!
What is this town coming to, when kids can't even go out and play a game together without being accused of soemthing just because they're there?
Yeah I could see maybe in a city. but people!
This is freakin' Sisters!
Norman Rockwell-ville. (Or almost)
It must have been a slow night at the donut shop to bring these guys down into Sisters for a "Raid" on two capture-the-flag teams.

Who the heck ever heard of a 10pm curfew?
The whole state of Oregon has a midnight curfew....who do the Sisters Law Enforcement Officials think they are, instituting something other than what the state mandates with no good and visible reason??

Well, when the officer approached my son, my son stood there and answered the man and gave him his name and phone number and address and all that, and all I can say is "Bring it on John-Law!"
You better call me asap!
Otherwise I willc ome down there and ask you these questions face to face.
(Don't make come down there!) ;O)
I require some answers and they better be dang good ones!

Moral of the story?
Don't care who you are: don't mess with my kids, unless you have a good reason and even then, you are gonna do some explaining!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Little Bagdad

That is what the inside of my car looks like.
I gotta clean it out today before I hit the road in it.
I go back to RI today and return late late Wednesday night.
I have begun working on the LA Mysterium Mega Map, and I plan to work on it while sitting in the airports, waiting for my delayed flights to arrive.

Anyway, the potential for fun and exciting things to do in LA is amazing!
JPL, Griffith Observatory, Getty museum, Venice/Muscle Beach, sand, sun(burn) and fun galore - not to mention that family attractions like Disney and sKnott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios etc. There is also a big computer convention in July happening - not fun, game stuff though - just a bunch of "egg-head" stuff.

(hee hee hee!!!)

Anyway, hopefully I can get a good start on the mega map!

See ya when I get back.
IF I get back...
how I HATE to fly!!!!
I hope I don't die!
Good thing LA is within driving distance!
This will also give me a chance to visit with some good friends in Venice.
Yay to whoever voted for LA!
For me it was a toss up between Boston and LA.

WEll there it is.
Have a good 2nd week of JAnuary.