Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mid-end of July

I have now been almost in the apartment now for 3 weeks.

there are still a few more tasks to be completed before I can move the rest of the way in:

-The insulated Garage doors need to be installed. Right now a friend has installed some temporary carriage doors to the front so that I can at least live in peace for the time being.

-The adjacent edge of the carpet will need to be stretched when the doors get installed.

-The sleeping loft can then be built.

-After that, it's some minor things and I can finish moving in.

-I still need to do the landscaping in the patio area, but I can do that at any time.
I should start today!


I got to take a Through Hiker, "X-men", up to the trail head at McKenzie Pass this morning.
I was in Ray's yesterday and there was this kid in the cracker aisle loading up on Cliff Bars and just a ton of crap. I said, "Hey there, you look like a PCT hiker loading up!" He said, "Yes I am". We fell in to talking. He said he was from Switzerland. Funny, because I would have pegged his accent as French, but oh well, what do I know. Anyway, so I go to pick the kid up this morning, and on the ride up there he says he has only been in Switzerland for 5 years but was born and raised in Paris! Hah! I knew it! Anyway, nice kid. He is doing about 30 miles a day. He started early May and needs to be done by Aug 10th. Kid is BUSTING it!
"Xmen" and "Bitsy" at the McKenzie Pass trail head July 20, 2016