Friday, March 30, 2012

I am feeling angry and frustrated:Episode 1

So because of my dad's medical situation and his needs came up against my work hours, I was forced to send my dad to the doctor visits with Stu. Its fine because he is good with interpersonal stuff and releiveing stress in such situations etc, but he is also really BAD at getting all the fine details of the data and arrogantly reports in a manner that suggests that whatever he says is the right answer. I have found his data to be inaccurate on many counts today when I actually was able to attend a crucial Dr appt.

Back story thingie:
But so, Stu recently lost his mom. Due to his unemployed status, he was able to go over and stay with both his mom and dad while they walked together through the end of life process, which is great. I did not tell him or his siblings how to handle any thing with regard to their choices. They are the ones who are family and I am not. I am an in-law and I know my place. SO anyway, now Stu is thinking to tell me his opinion in how we shoudl handle my dad. My dads sensibilities are completely opposite of Stu's parents. Stu needs to butt out. Besides, he is (hopefully) going to be in ND getting a job which will support the family. I don't care if he makes $30, 000 a month as long as he deposits $2400 monthlyu to cover the basic necessities of the household and his children - not groceries or my gas. Anyway, we will see. He needs to remember his place. And he gets pissed at me for reminding him. To define what my dads needs is none of his business.