Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The only news is Scottish

I read today how the British police apparently shot the innocent Brazilian man 8 times.
Can't even go there.

And today in History:

Famous playwright George Bernard Shaw was born on this day in 1856 in Dublin, Ireland. The Shaws of Dublin are said to be descended from the Highland Shaws of Aberdeenshire, a family attached to Clan MacIntosh and Clan MacPherson. To be find out more about Scotland's clans and tartans go to heritage.scotsman.com

Monday, July 25, 2005

First Mysterium Pics so far

Well the first Mysterium '05 photo's I have seen are Ran's, which are posted here:

If you find more, maybe you could post the link in the comments section for me?

On this day in Scotlands history:
According to some sources, on this day in 1394 King James I was born.
When he was 12 he was sent to France, but was kidnapped on the way and handed over to Henry IV of England, who demanded a ransom for his release. After 18 years of being held in England, the ransom was finally paid and James returned to Scotland to begin his reign. Read more about it at The Scotsman Journal Mirror

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well it looks like Scout and I will get our road trip to Hammered Dulcimer Festival In Leavenworth WA after all. I have been postponing a project,while Stu has been onthe road, but now I have to buckle down as the summer gallops away. So Scout and I wil have an extended road trip,
Its funny, I was going to take a tent, so that we could camp, since we aren't taking the truck on this one. She goes, "Oh No Mom! Let's just sleep in the car!"
I'm thinking, "you are CRAZY!" and yet, if it was just me on the trip that is precisely what I would do. So wit the exception of one night's lodging, that is what we are doing.
Neither one of us can wait to hit the road!
We are both really good at packing light.
The big stuff will be the instruments and the tech crap.
Should be fun!

4 days left until departure!
**ooo I should tell Aquila I will be out of commission for a week!***
Aquila, consider yourself alerted!

On this day in 1745, Charles Edward Stuart landed on the Hebridean island of Eriskay, from France. From there he went to the mainland to set out on his mission to restore a Catholic ot tht throne. Read More about Bonnie Prince Charlie by becoming a member of The Scotsman Journal or visit The Scotsman Journal Mirror.

Friday, July 22, 2005

So some one said a bunch of people from Sisters Community Church wanted a quick, down-and-dirty copy of the stuff I've been playing for communion/prayer and reflection times. I told her I hadn't been playing anything. Just noodles. So she said, "give me the noodles. So I think I am about 4 noodles away from completing that thing this week. With Stu on the road that will give me more time to get it done in relative peace and quiet. Wish I had a better mic. A real mic. Instead of this crappy cheapo one, but down-and-dirty is ok by them. I guess. Not sure that I like that idea though.

Anyway, enough 'o' dat.


So I talked to my brother. He said that while there are only three Poutré's he's been able to trace through the Veterans Admin in the US, and with the 2 existing we already know outside of that, that makes 5. However, he said that when he went down to New Olreans there was ALOT of them. He also seems to remember somebody on that side of the family had Nova Scotian roots way way back, but as far as I ever knew it was the Contois side of the family that was from Acadie.
So, the mud gets thicker. Who ever knows. The other interesting thing that we both remember, along with my dad, is that Grandmé always kept a picture of the Queen in her bedroom. I think that when Grandmé died, Memé threw it in the garbage. I am thinking that the Nova Scotians may have crossed out of NS and migrated to Quebec possibly late 1700's - early 1800's, since there are 2 women who came into the family about that time and who knows where from except that Grandmé remembers her Great Grandmé used to "talk about "Acadie," and Grandme used to tell dad about "The Land of Evangeline." Other than that I have no other hard data because the church where taht really old paperwork was housed in the Church Trois Rivieres burned to the ground. (Possible church name or town name?: St Gabriel De Brandon?)



...on this day in Scottish history

Today is the anniversary of the battle of Falkirk where, in 1298, 80,000 of Edward I's troops faced 30,000 Scots volunteers under William Wallace. The Scots were betrayed by John Comyn, whose cavalry fled the field of battle, handing Edward victory. Wallace resigned as Guardian of Scotland, having escaped to the Continent. Read more about it by becoming a member of the Scotsman Journal or if you aren't ready to join, go to the Scotsman Journal Mirror and read about it.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Today according to Scotland:

Today is the anniversary of the death in 1796 of Scotland's national bard, Robert Burns, at the age of 37. Read more.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Seeing Mysterium From Afar

Well in retrospect, it has been an interesting year.

This is the first event since I quit planning Mysterium, and is set to go off in a little more than a week and a half, and I have to say it’s been tough.

I see the kids going and I worry about who is going to over see them and make sure they don’t get lost or left behind.

"What about “so-and-so” you know this is the first time they’ve traveled on their own? "

"And with everybody so spread out a different hotels right now, who will make sure they stay all communicated together? "

Scraper is great for having eyes in the back of her head and yet she is only one person.
And Leh is pretty great in a pinch too for that kind of thing. (You guys just make sure she doesn't have to post bail for anybody and their shenanigans!) ;o)

Even so, as pissed off as I get at the Community and their lack of vision sometimes, my heart is still stuck in the Mysterium loop,
(*Points at SR388, Alahm and Chan:* you know what I'm talking 'bout!) ;o)
and I want them to all get the best of the event as it was originally designed.

It is the heart of Mysterium that counts.
It’s like letting go of a child.
Yet you are still always thinking of them, hoping that things are going perfect (not just 'good') for them because they are special.

The Mysterium Website has never been so beautiful, and many thanks for this years new design and all the updates go to Blue Max for taking on the entirety of that task, lock, stock and barrel upon himself, as well as seeing to the presenter technical needs and what not.

I am bummed that I won’t be there this year.
As fed up as I felt I was, I didn’t think I would care when the time came, and yet, this is the first year in the next 5 year cycle. (1999-2004 First Cycle).

Horizon, you will have a great time meeting the people you have chatted with in CC and corresponded with via the forums and the lysts. I wish I could see you there and share it with you. I wish also, that I could be there to share with you the histories and the wonderfulness of the people that I have come to know and love, and that you could see them through my eyes too. Sometimes their actions and behaviours are beneath them, because they are really great when you get to know them.
Sometimes it takes years to get to know how wonderful people can be.
(Conversely it takes the same amount of time to figure out they are total butt-heads too, but we need not go there now because I am busy waxing nostalgic!)

Planning the event all those years was absolute hell from tme to time.
And yet, when the event comes down and all is said and done, it’s the people, and the time you’ve spent with them face to face, that make the lasting difference.

And even people that you don’t see eye-to-eye with in CC, or the forums or whatever.
Its funny,
when you finally meet them at a Mysterium event,
and you get all the extra nuances
of communication when you see them,
anything misunderstood seems to slide away.
Finding out you may have been wrong, and finding another friend isanother important part of Mysterium.
Meeting people and seeing them as they are,
not as I perceived them to be
through some text based conversation.

I KNOW there are a lot of frustrations right now,
with the Community and with the event.
But it is all going to be great, just like always.
It certainly can’t get any worse than Carlsbad! ;o)

It is all what you (or I) as an atendee bring to it.
If we bring "good things" a happy heart, a gentle spirit, then we will find god things.
If we bring criticism and back biting then that is what we wil end up taking away.

And planning is not some “look-at-me-glory-job” either.
It is a sacrifice of time and energy and often resources.
Funny that the event itself,
usually erases any memory of that previous trevail.

I guess its kinda like childbirth.
You fret about it until it happens.
It is painful getting to the end result,
but when it is accomplished it is wonderfully joyous.

24-hour post addendum:

Well dopey me!
It has been about 2 months since I have looked at the Mysterium website, and now I see there isn't even an itinerary posted at the website. And the event is only a week away. Hmmm. that is a bit unnerving. I wonder what happened?

stuff this monday

Devo was way ahead of their time.
(Obviously this we knew.)
And as much of a "Creatively Designed Evolutionist" as I may be, I can't help but see some light in a new way:
Devolution becomes more defined as we age.

Case in point: Someone I Live with!

Although I have yet to decipher whether it is an Ape I am living with or a Neanderthal.
(And is this really a point worth debating?)

Some mornings are just like this.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Of Crime and Progress

A family I know has been in this town for about 3 generations.
They have farmed and been a great part of our community.
Because they farmed, they owned much land. As the years passed, the land became too expensive to keep so they put up a portion of it for sale. Great location. It was on the market for 4 years and nobody around here seemed interested in buying it.
Finally McDonalds (Yes. Big Macs) insisted that tey wanted the property. The family did not want to sell to them because they were a uge corporation etc and we are a small, family business oriented town. But the family was REALLY needing to unload this property. SO...they bargained. The family would develope the property, building the space for McD's and a small convenience store and gas station. They would rent the space to McD's. This would allow the family to insure that the spirit of the town (small western building facades/false fronts) was upheld.
Well, the idea of a McD's coming to town did not sit well with the community. There were MANY town meeting and alot of hot debates occuring in the editorial section of our small newspaper THE NUGGET NEWS. People try to pass ordinances limiting or banning franchises from opening in the town.

But the building is now ready for use and the "We're Hiring" signs have been up for 2 months now. They can't get anybody to work there.

But the big thing came this weekend, when our population soars from 10,000 to 45,000 because of the Sisters outdoor Quilt Show festival:

The town is filled for one weekend with 40,000 little old ladies who save up all year to come spend their money in our town. The surrounding towns within 100 miles have full hotels and b&b's because of this event.

It is also the height of Fire Season.

At 4:30 in the morning on Sunday, with a packed out town all asleep, some imbecile set fire to the new McDonalds and burned it down.

The sad thing is that McDonalds doesn't own the building, it belongs to the family.
Yes there is insurance but only after a hefty deductable.

Any perceived evils to come into town via the presence of a McDonalds are eclipsed in my mind now because of the crime that was perpetrated on one of our own families by some one in the same community.

The ends DO NOT ever justify the means.

It ticks me off, because when the news hit town on Sunday, most people's first reaction was to laugh.
How callous.
How short sighted.
Our town is supposed to be friendly and kind.
Gracious and helpful.

I don't see it right now.
I see a family who has been hurt, and a town that doesn't care about its own because it is too obsessed with its own image.


They are lucky the whole town didn't go up in smoke taking innocent lives with it.

Saturday, July 9, 2005


In a very bad French Accent:
"I ramble in your general direction!"
"Now go away or shall ramble at you a second time!"

Is This What Happens When Old People Retire?
So I quit my FT job to be more of a mom.
So that I could save that mental and emotional energy and give it to my kids when they are having their "moments" with the rest of the world.
So that I could focus more on what I am supposed to be doing - painting, music and related stuff.
And what has really happened?
Surely I am experiencing a fore-taste of what retirement is supposed to be like: Stu runs the media co out of our home office. This means that when he is not out on the road he is home.
Distracting me, bugging me when I am trying to concentrate.
I dunno but man! Art and creativity require space and time. At least for me they do.
When my kids are asleep or off doing something, that is my hallowed time to hunker down in "my space" and focus. I don't need some man coming in the middle of it, every two-bloody seconds to make small-talk.

I am going crazy! (-er?)
He doesn't grok the idea of personal space or boundaries.
How does a person say," No offense, but I need to be alone," without offending the, er...offending party?

So I have taken to getting up in the middle of the night to complete some of the work in the quiet stillness of the sleeping household. But at 2:30am I really am not always at my creative best.

He is shooting a gig for Camp Concepts in Canby next week. He wants us all to go, and I think it would be good for the girls because they would have things to do and could swim in the pool etc.
But I would really like to stay home and send him on the road so that I could get some work done while he is away.
oh I dunno.
It's crazy.

The Art Fest
The show went well.
I put up the more eclectic images, and the people that really liked them were people that I really admired so that is happy. Of course where my booth was, there were a bunch of trad pieces like landscapes and some textile art and quilt stuf, so the people that often ended up on that side of the building were the kind who didn't "get" it.
But its all good.

Gardner was REALLY encouraging, and his work is really first rate so his praise really helped me get through the rest of the project.

Another really good thing about this set up is that I didn't have to sit in my booth. Wendy did it for me. I don't think I could have gotten through the show if I would have had to sit and watch people look at my stuff. I would have been second guessing all of their facial expressions and would have totally freaked myself out.

So, basically it was good. I see now that I must get a better camera.
There is nothing for it.
I just have to suck it up and find a way.

I started two larger abstracts last week as well, and I already know how I will finish and frame them. That is the hardest part usually. Its nice to have it all dialed-in in advance for a change. ;O)

I had a great time talking to Michael the other day.
He is one of those artists that when you look at his work your first thought is, "Wow! I am standing in the presence of greatness."
Well at least that was one of my first thoughts.
And his style has really morphed since he returned from the UK.
It is fascinating to watch.

And speaking of the UK:
Where are all of my friends?
We are waiting patiently for them all to check in with an "I am ok" update.
But with each passing day I am wondering more and more...

Soldiers Away
I keep thinking of Brianna.
Bri is a gunner in a tank in Iraq.
Many of the other soldiers she is with are from the UK.
When her mom shipped her fiddle to her, they all were so happy.
She played a couple of trad celtic/bar tunes, and drew a huge crowd of fellow soldiers, all from the UK.
I am thinking of them, far away in Iraq, while they may be worrying about friends and family back home.
How horrible it must be for them.
But Bri is on leave and back here at home in Seattle at least for a few weeks.
Maybe she will come to HD fest in Eastern Washington at the end of the month?
Maybe she will play her dad's dijeridoo again. (sp?)

Peace, Love and Gunz
Her mom is one of the sweetest, peace loving hippie's I ever knew.
She is the ultimate pacifist and threatened to kidnap her son and haul him to Canada when he enlisted. Funny that. Because now all of her kids have chosen to go to Iraq.
She said, "what did I do? Where did I go wrong?"
I had to laff.
how many parents would give their eye-teeth to be able to say that they raised their kids to be able to have, recognise and act on a firm conviction -whether the parents agreed with it or not.
So here is poor KiKi Pacifist with a passel of soldier kids.
I say that "she done good!"
They are putting shoe leather to what they think is important.

Friday, July 8, 2005


Wow! I am elated!
My friend went in for emergency cancer surgery and seems to have come through it with flying colours. She is home tonight and resting well. YAY!
It has been a crazy week, helping her with some of her jobs and getting her appts set up and transpo etc, to and from the docs, but it all seems to be working out great! YAY!

I also had an impromptu call to enter some artsy-fartsy photos in a local show, so that was crazy, getting them all printed/processed and matted and framed and what not.
I am SO uncomfortable with people who are not Cyber-people, looking at some of my stuff.
That is weird and dumb of me, I dunno what is up with that, but that is how it is.

Anyway, two kids have been gone all week. I get to retrieve them tomorrow.
I had a REALLY good time trading mild quips with Chucker today.
It has been a long time since there was any healthy communication and tom-foolery between my lyster friends and I. It is a soothing balm to the heart.

Dumb stuff is good.

So, it was a crazy week.
I was stretched artistically.
I was stretched physically and spiritually.

It was good.

I am SO glad that Scraper decided to re-paste up the old Mysterium page with the donation info.
I was afraid she was going to get stuck paying for a meeting room yet again.
I hope it goes well this year.
Some people seem disgruntled.
But still, in the end, it is people that make the event.
Kinda like UU, it is people who keep the city alive.