Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 Ok....I WAS going to sell these but after having looked them up I think I will keep them, as I grew up with them on my walls through my entire childhood:

M. Medieros circa 1963. Litho's.
#2313. Unsigned.

If you go HERE, and scroll down a bit, there is a fascinating article on these pieces as well as those of the other "Big Eyed Children Artists" of the 60's.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Emergency Pumpkin Dessert Thingy: 
(PS- the above image is NOT what it looks like.
 I just chose this image to represent all of it's pumpkiny bretheren.)

1 can pumpkin. 1 block cream cheese. 
1 container of "Cool-Whip-like" substance. 
1 reg size graham cracker crust.Mix 1st 2 ingredients with half tub of Cool-ish Whip. 
Add powdered sugar if necessary. 
Dump into pie crust. 
Top with remaining Cool-ish Whip. Chill (or freeze) 
Serve after a while.

You could probably substitute some other fruity or chocolatey filling for the pumpkin here.
If there is extra filling, you can store it in an air tight container in the fridge and when needed, spread it on graham crackers for a quickie snack.

For 3 days I have been cooking up a storm because all my people are gone and I get the kitchen to myself.
Why do I not cook when my people are here?
A): Somebody is always under foot, needing to make some lunch or some snack or do this or that. It's
B): If I screw up what I am trying to make, there is no one around to ask, "Hey mom, where'd that thing go that you were making?" To which I feel compelled to respond innocently, "What thing?" They then will probe more deeply with their questions until I can only either tell the truth - "I buggered it up and threw it away okay are you happy?" or I can lie, "Oh that, I was making soap."