Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Kid Times

So during the weeks prior to Christmas (kinda since December 1st) our household has consisted of Me, Stu, Blake ,Scout ,MacKenzie, Jason, James and Jeremy. (And Brogin randomly). The week before Christmas we lost James and Jeremy, but were rewarded with Cousin Colin on Christmas night. Even so...he departed today. So we are now back down to 6 + Grampa - that makes 7. Oh wait, Brogin is here so that is back to 7. No! 8! Crap I can't count!
it is a happy thing that all these people who are under the age of 26 are filling my house with loud energy and cutting edge thought/philosophy. (Of course we all know they are young and what ever they are spouting is utter crap...) ;o) no just KIDDING! (sorta.)
Anyway, it is a happy house that is filled with people, all young and all different from each other. Especially during the holidays.

These make the days when I am glad that I am still above ground.