Friday, December 28, 2007


I will perform an experiment.
For one month I would like to see how much I spend in Disk Candles to light the house, instead of using electric lighting.

Because I am curious.
That and I ADORE candles!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To be of simple faith.

Here in America (and perhaps other nations as well?) it is popular in Christian circles, to speak of a thing called "The Rapture" (the removal of Gods people before the terrible trials preceding and accompanying the AntiChrist occur.)
I cannot necessarily hold to this notion.Do I count it as inaccurate?Not I, for I am small and no trained theologian.
I am just not sure. Yet.
I just love my God. That is all.

Even so, I often ask myself (regarding this Rapture notion), how is it that I should be allowed to escape such trials as those similar to what my betters experience every day through out the globe? By "My Betters" I refer to those believing brothers and sisters who, for the sake of the goal of making His truth and love known, endure horrificpersecutions and tortures unspeakable?How is it that we should allow ourselves to imagine that God would spare US, when He requires suchbehaviours as a general rule, and considers such and "offering and sacrifice of Praise," expected rightfully?

Why should I consider myself free from the trials of my betters?
Those people who suffer and die namelessly, unthanked, and unkown, unregarded and often un-missed by the temporal world in which we live. And yet these same nameless "Giants Of The Faith" who offer themselves up daily, receive the rewards Kings only can dream of.
Such Crowns of Glory are reserved for them as a reward, and will be presented to them "On That Day," they will in turn cast their glorious Crowns joyfully, at the feet of their beloved Jesus.

Oh!To gain such a crown to be able to give to Him!
And dare I sat that?

For such a Crown is bought at great sacrifice.
At the cost of self.Self desires and self convenience, Self expression and personal standing in society.
At the price often of ones own life.
Am I able to count the cost before I dare utter such words?
Even in the secrecy of my own head and heart?
Oh indeed the words may come glibly at first - but am I REALLY willing to "Earn" such a crown to be able to give to Him?

Honestly? I want to answer Yes! But I cannot easily say it if I am to search my own heart in Truth......which is really what He wants.

Things to think about.

Would that my faith were simple and pure.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Goodbye Gina...

...we'll miss you.

I guess you really do get to be "Home" for Christmas this year.

Blessings on you until we meet again on that day.

Read more: "Sisters Oregon Woman Found Dead"

Monday, December 10, 2007

Uganda and Stuph...

Well it has been a crazy set of weeks.
Stu left on the 29th of November for Uganda.
He had a blast, visiting with the kid we sponsor, (Obed) and his family.
He took a poop-load of pics which I am keen to turn into a coffee table book and get emergency printing on so it can be ready for Cmas.
Scout got her copy of the American Treasury of Poetry, which her poem appeared in, courtesy of her teacher sponsoring it. Blake an dAndrew shot Andrews entrance exam video for Chapman. The construction on Dad's addition to our home goes slower and slower with each passing day (or so it seems). I look forward to the new year, in that my dad will be in his OWN space and I shall get MINE back. Then I will be able to paint and to play music undistracted again. We will re-do MacKenzies bedroom then (currently being inhabited by gramps, Kenzie is living in the dining room). To inspire and encourage myself, I look at Pottery Barn Books checked out from the library. I have now discovered my "New" dining room and will work on it as soon as I finish MacKenzies remodel. She is looking at a Japanese/Anime inspired room.
And of course, after all is said and done, I will begin to overhaul "The Cube."

The Cube is what we refer to as the Editing Suite.
Since the "really good" computers are out there, that is where I play my games. (One game loaded at a time, as I do not want to take up noticable real estate on the work computers.) Anyway, there are two matching couches out there and one of them has two recliners built in to either side.
I can see this becoming a real sweet place to chill as well as work.

I did sort of quit my job (down to 2 or 3 days a month) so that I will be able to care for my dad.
This of course means I will be taking on the extra expense of personal counseling, as I seek for ways to deal with him on an increasingly personal basis.
Kids were NOT meant to go back and live with their parents.
Its just wrong.
Although I know God DOES say in scripture that we are to "honour our mother and father" and I believe that taking "care" of them in their old age is a part of this.
there are moments when I want to throttle the old coot.
(Not a literal translation. Not to be taken literally.)
That is the scuttle-butt.