Monday, November 12, 2007

Beach Bash

Last weekend I took 6 teens to the beach for the weekend. It was awesome! The first night they stayed up until 4am. (How did I know? yes, I was quasi-awake too.) The 2nd night they stayed up until 6am, with a few stragglers pooping-out at about 3:30 or 4am. They had fun nailing one kid with whipping cream and tooth-paste while he slept. They built a beach fire and played capture the flag in the dark. We went to the Shipwreck "Petr Ireldale" ad once again to Fort Battery Russell, which ws manned during WWII.

Stu has Entered the Blogosphere

Put your helmets on people!

After watching the steady deterioration of our local news reporting rag, despite the many qualified and excellent contributors, Stu has decided to publish his own commentaries on life in our small town.

Now you can get ALL of the news (and probably a whole lot more) at SistersBlog.

Comprehensive Auto Ins

Dull title for a post, but thrilling concept for me as I revel in the knowledge that I am so glad I did not cancl it back in July, but completely for to.
The total damages to my car from hitting the stupid deer are in the area of $3200.
The car should be back, all fixed up and ready to go, by next week!


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Would a Muslim do it? Then Christian, why won't you?

Would a muslim do it?
Then Christian, why would you?
Would you stand for being ostrcized, and go in to "Camoflauge mode" as a Christian, just to "get along wth others?"
Would a mulim do that?
Then Christian, why would you?
As American Christians, we have lost our first love in many cases.
We could learn a little bit from the Muslims.
They do not sit by idly while their god is mocked.
They get hot-headed and flip out about it.
Oh you , who sing glibly in the pews, "I will love you fore ever, Jesus," need to eat your words or perform them publicly.
Shamefully enough to admit, I am among you in this sin.
We need to stand up and be counted.
This is supposedly a free country.
Freedom of speech - remember that?
Why do we let others trample us, with the freedoms we should be excersizing as well?

He who would would save his life, will lose it.
If you aknowledge me before men, so will I acknowledge you before my Father in Heaven.

Wake up oh sleepers.
It is time to stand and fight or be cut down.
The army decimated while we sleep.
I am a Christian.
Think of that what you will.
This has become the age of "Christian Bashing" in America.
You can be any other religion in America, and be treatd as free-unless you are of a Judeo-Christian faith.
Nero is still alive people.
He is just more sleek, and attractive now. Beguiling the masses.
I say its time to wake up Christian.
YOu could not be more offensive.
You don't have to do anything to be offensive.
You just have to exist, as you are, leading a quiet but obviously Christian lifestyle, and you will be hated.
That is the kind of offensive behaviour we need more of.
And so say all of us.
I am a Christian.
I have the right to call public school officials out on the carpet when they persecute my children (or other Christian children) in class.
Do I do this?
Because to do so would set my student up for further attack and ostracizing.
The majority of parents in this town (nation?) know what goes on, and we do not stand up because we are isolated from each other and afraid together.
We need to stand together and take some action as a group.
They can't persecute our kids if we all come forward with our own stories of what things have occurred.
Where is the ACLU for me?
Do I not count because I am a white christian?

IT is not ok to just "go with the flow" when the flow is going at a galloping run straight into Hell, offending the Creator of the universe at every opportunity, and trying to drag me and my kids with it.
It is time to stand and be counted, whether you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or pink with purple polka dots.Would a Muslim tke this kinda crap from his government?Then why on earth do we?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blips on the Radar

Coming up for air...

Just hit a deer, photos of car to follow eventually.
It was gross.
Car still driveable, everybody ok (except the deer).

Mon, Wed, Fridays - I am taking my dad on his errands and volunteering at the school
Tues Thurs I am working.

Saturday, I try to sleep in until 7am and then try to catch up on tasks.
Sunday, Laundry and bathrooms and vaccuuming, then GAME DAY!!!!!!

Go to bed at night ans do it all again.

This weekend is different.
Its my daughters 15th birthday.
We are going to the beach for the weekend with 6 teens.
IT should be hilarious.
I plan to watch movies when I am not driving them all around.

Should be good!

I haven't painted anything new in months.
My "space" is all ....uh..."wrong."
Half of art creation is the environment.
I have six people living in a space designed for 4 and a half.
My Dad is in my daughters room, My daughter is in the dining room. My dining roon is in the family room and I am going crazy for lack of space and too much time spent with an elderly abusive old coot.
Am I in counseling for this at the moment?
You BET!

I will see you guys all again soon.

(Thanks Pat for the WONDERFUL Jacqui Lawson Halloween card!)