Friday, September 28, 2007

Artist Spotlight : Steam Werkes

By day, Bryan is a web designer and I.T. Guru in the busy,"run and gun" broadcasting industry of Central Ohio.

He has managed to carve out a spare hour or two recently to venture into the realms of corporeal art.

Please keep an eye on"Steam Werkes"and Bryan's growing gallery of "practical application scultpures," designed to serve an elegant and modern world, while transporting us back in time, to a golden era of invention and ingenuity.

Lets call the whole thing Tomate

You know you've done something right when your teen kids think it is amazing to watch Disney's Alladin in English! Or Disney's Oliver and Company, or Disney's "Les Aristochats."

It is fun to watch their language experience play out in school now, as well. Both Scout and MacKenzie started Latin in 3rd grade and continued well into middle school. All of the kids were exposed to colloqial Parisien French during their growing years and now they are taking mandatory Spanish in high school. Scout also has a passion for Italian which she has been learning on her own. It is a crazy thing to watch them figure out how to conjugate verbs in Spanish. They are speaking any language BUT Spanish.
Its cute and I feel proud of myself.

They will probably never be fluent in any one language, but at least they will be able to make themselves understood in at least 3.

Ahhh my job here is done.


Monday, September 24, 2007

The Holy Observer cracks me UP!

The Question for debate today?
"What would Paul (the apostle) say if he were dumped off somewhere in modern day America?"
Read and write your own answer...snerk!

Friday, September 21, 2007

What is wrong with this picture?

This is the recycling center for the town of Sisters Oregon. The previous location for the site is under construction so meanwhile, they have moved the whole operation to a temporary location.
For a town that is Supposedly made up of smart people, why is it they behave like they have a collective IQ of 90?
What does the word "NO" mean?
It just goes to show you that though people may have a poop-load of money, they are no better than the average imbecile.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Recreation is medicine to the soul...

In a moment of desperation, I Loaded the PhysX drivers into the"business" computer in the Media Center (aka "The Cube") for the first time EVER, since it has been in my posession, Myst IV: Revelation, played through smoothly and flawlessly. Lets hope it stays that way. If I keep only one game loaded at a time, I should be able to play all of my Myst games.

After 2 hours in Tomahna, I have to say that I feel quite refreshed

Friday, September 14, 2007

Christian Beware...The update-updated!!!

...and you "heathen dogs" too!

The Onion's "Holy Observer" is back!

I love this site as it pokes fun at every one:
Religious and irreligious alike...

...although if you have had any Sunday School/Catechism in your background you will probably find this site more humourous than someone who has not.

Gotta love headlines like:

-Young Earth Creationist Convention Starts Off With a Bang.
-Benny Hinn Unable to "Heal" Stalled SUV.
-Left Behind Fan Club Misses Bus.
-God's Message to Intercessors:Just STOP saying "just!"
-Millions More Damned for Harry Potter Related Sins.
And for the Gaming Fan: a new release of D&D ("Demons and Deacons")

They once posted an advertisement on the main page in one of the sidebars. It was a typical enough add and one that I overlooked for a long time. It was a "Mock Ad" for yet another new Thomas Kinkade product

It was for Thomas Kinkade limited edition Toilet paper : put the "Painter of Light" where the sun don't shine.

I wish they would bring THAT ad back.


The Thomas Kinkade ad IS there. on the left side bar.

I also notice they have brought back the contests for the church signs and what-not as well.

Btu wait it gets better, you can also visit the original, producer of the Holy Observer.
And you have to love the store(s):

Any particular favourite ,the "Drink Ware"
Aren't you happy?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My new favourite thing

It exemplifies all of my views about our day to day existence upon the face of this earth.
It is a video that I found on my daughters profile at MySpace.
I was blown away because of the story - told by abstract theatre- (the means of delivery making the story even more real to me.

Anyway, I re-posted the vid at my own MySpace.
Scroll down past the crap and you will find the vid.
Its the only one there.
If you want to know what drives me, these are the concepts that help me to deal with every day.

Oh yeah - and btw, I think the profile song auto-starts so you can click that off if you want to, or let it finish. What ever.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Local Residents Evacuate, as the GW Fire chews up real estate

Residents of Black Butte Oregon, who were given a pre-evacuation alert on Friday, are now carrying out a full scale evacuation. The Red Cross has set up a shelter at Sisters Community Church. The GW fire was originally started during a lightning storm last week. It is burning a narrow strip of land between what was the Cache Mtn Fire of 2005 and the George Lake Fire of last summer. For further updates visit the Nugget News.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Who decided that an opinion about War was a moral issue worthy of Damnation - either for or against?

Since when was it considered Evil to be in favour of a War?
Who decided they were worthy to pass such judgements upon me?

Since when did it become Ungodly to denounce a War?
Who sat in the pew and considered themselves worthy to pass such judgements upon me?

Who decided that an opinion about this particular War was a moral issue worthy of Damnation - either for, or against?

Is God against war?
It is He himself who set the Israelites against the inhabitants of Canaan. His words were that they should kill ALL, from the most elderly to the infant.

Is He in favour of war?
He desires that we live in love, not merely looking out for our own needs, but also for the needs of others. Considering our neighbors needs as more important than our own.

Both are equally true.