Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today and stuff

So I may be getting some studio space OF MY OWN!!! In a great quiet location
within walking distance of downtown!!! IT will be great because if the kids need
a space to walk to after school, they can. When I need some quiet time to get some work done, I can.

It will be a haven!

Now all I need to find is a small microwave for cheap. Maybe I can get one at the thrift store?


Monday, September 7, 2009

What goes around, comes around...

...and goes back around and around and comes home to roost again, no matter how many times it goes out and back and around.

What does it mean?
What does any of that mean?
What does it all mean?

Who cares.
I know I don't.

What really matters, at this moment, is that while I HATE all Google products with a dire and
fiery passion that has few other equals, I find that my need to blog is greater.

Facebook Notes is insufficient to my way of thinking, because anyone who has ever added you as a friend is forced to recieve these updates about your "Notes."
I don't want to do that to people and also, the only people I want reading my kind of posts, are the people who actually come seeking them. Which does not happen necessarily via Facebook.
I don't want to make ANYBODY a captive audience.
But I also need to blog.

So I am back with this vile Google Product aka Blogger.

Yes Google retains all material forever, as well as attempts to claim the rights to intellectual material. I will combat this by utilizing ye olde watermarks with regards to art, and my friend the Creative Commons License for all literary what evers.

Google Schmoogle can piss off for all I care.

Its a free country and in America it is apparently 'ok' to bite a feeding hand, so blog on!