Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kristi's Kritters

Got a few photo's of Kristi's animals. Ok only a few - there are like 30-ish horses and 3 dogs and 2 cats and a bunch of cows and peacocks, so this is only, uhm...2 animals but hey!

Here they are in all of their fuzzy, fluffy glory:

Kristi's Kritters (All two of them for today)

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Am Yurt

Love the Yurts!

New, exciting, fun AND cheap. $40 a night. Heated with electricity. What's not to like?!

So I did a prelim investigatory visit to Newport.

Pics can be seen here.

Also, I checked out the November Yurt site for Lynn Nancy and Paula and I:

Seen here

Basically, the yurt is heated and has electric lights and plug ins. There is a covered porch where we are allowed to cook - as there is no cooking allowed INSIDE the yurts. There is a water spigot next to the yurt but we must walk to use the camp ground restrooms and showers - which aren't too far. There is a small table and chairs inside as well as to heavy duty plastic lawn chairs. There is an exterior picnic table and fire pit.

I did not bring my campstove but I did bring my electric cook pot - shaped like a soup pan but plugs in like an electric fry pan. I used it to cook soup and boil water for coffee in the coffee press.

I think maybe the most effeicient way of getting here might be to go up to Albany and take Hwy 20 west to Corvallis / Toledo /Newport...but you guys may have a more efficient path. Each additional car costs and extra $5 to park so I dunno if you all want to come together or what.

Anyway, there is the scoop so far.

I can't wait!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

the Aftermath...

The resulting images of our sojourn at the beach can be viewed at the following link: Manzanita September.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Church with Cat Stevens.

Yes you read that correctly.

Some people would say that he got a lot of stuff wrong.
I would counter that by saying that he also got a lot of stuff right.
Now that I am older I can really connect with some of the truths he came in contact with
and purveyed them in their context.

I downloaded a bunch of old music from Buddha and the Chocolate Box, Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat.
On my way in to town to feed the cat and get groceries before everyone woke up, I put in this CD and was reintroduced to a song called "Wind".

It brought on a prayerful moment that wanted to last the entire day, so I changed my plans on the way back from the store. I decided i would take my camera and head south toward Fort Rock and Paulina Caldera, and the obsidian flow. I never made it to Fort Rock. I spent the day climbing around in the lava flow (and still have more to investigate there), and ran out of time to go further south.

Getting used to this new camera is really frustrating! I am just not familiar enough with the settings to get even remotely passable photo's with it. I have immense difficulty learning from written material, manuals etc. It's like I have this disconnect in my brain with regard to learning via reading. I am more of a "hands on, show me, gotta do it myself" style of learner.

So as it ended up I only got 2 barely passable images, but it was an awesome day to drive around, meditate on things, and climb about in the park and hike.