Friday, January 10, 2014

De-Christmassing, as Og calls it, is a lengthy process in my life right now.
Largely due to the fact that The Drugstore where I work has been handling and processing Christmas decor since July. I did not even set up our Nativity set until Christmas day. Today is January 10th, and I finally have almost completed the tasks. At work, I will spend the bulk of January de-Christmassing until the last ornament is packed back up and lobbed into the storage unit.

So I found a lovely car for Blake to use in Portland so I can get my jeep back. Today however, I got a call from Blake saying that the jeep was making a hideous "sewing machine" sound under the hood and smelled of burnt plastic. O goody. I find him a car just in time to replace the engine in my jeep. Cars! What a pain in the butt!

Managed to flip the utility trailer I bought in 2012 for $200. While the above is NOT a photo of it, it is VERY similar. Anyway, I sunk an extra $140 in it for upgraded electrical, tires and 4 stabilizers and flipped it for $850. Used the profits to purchase this:

My neighbor was selling it for $1200 and she let me make random payments on it the rest of the year. I finally took ownership of it in late summer of 2013. It's maiden voyage occurred the 2nd weekend in September. Looking forward to summer of long as I can get the jeep fixed to pull it. :o/

At the drugstore, we sell a lot of Dept. 56 decor items, including Snow Babies and Snow Pinions.
When I was introduced to Snow Pinions, I thought of pine trees and pinion cones and pinion jays.
Today...I "got it"...

SnowPinions have very "opinionated faces" and often carry a little sign with some form of pithy saying or comment. Talk about delayed reaction - I've been working here since April and only just now made the correlation between the words "Opinions" and "SnowPinions".


Lastly, the local community theatre group has cast me in our winter play : "Web of Murder" as the crochety cranky, wheel-chair bound Minerva Osterman.
The details of which can be seen HERE