Thursday, April 28, 2005

New Sound Today

Over in the side bar the SOUND file has been updated.
This weeks selection is (once again) from our good friend Brak,
singing his favorite song about his favorite food!

I.T. Tech For A Day.

Well, not really.

I just was treated like a really bad one.
Cause I am not one.

The whole building was down due to the Electric Company shutting off power to our area so they could work on transformers last night.
I kept trying to reboot the stupid Cisco, and the D-Link and all that stuff.
What do I know about this stuff?
People got mad and went home.

"Yeah hey! Well don't let the doorknob hit ya, huh?!!"

I was tempted to call Blue.
But his contact information is stored - guess where?
On the ...INTERNET!!!!!
So could I access it on the... INTERNET?????

So in the end they rolled the cable truck over here from Bend Broadband, and the only thing wrong was that, when the power went off, the batteries kicked in and then they died out, so the amp couldn't come back on later.

All I had to do was flip a flippin' switch.

So I know now.
It's always something.

(Pass the krautjuice, will ya?)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What I did last weekend...

I went to the NW hammered Dulcimer Society's

Spring Fling Rendevous!

What a GLORIOUS Day this will Be!

I came into my office this morning to discover (JOY OF JOYZ!!!) a sack on my desk with three chocolate-creme filled Dunkin Donuts!
What is the deal? You may ask.
Well, first off, in the state of Oregon (maybe the whole pacific northwest) there are no longer any more Dunkin Donuts stores except this one in Salem OR.
(I think I hear a cry going up fromRhode Island? "What??! NO Dunkin Donuts?)
I know.
Unthinkable, isn't it. But sadly, tis true.
You can keep your Krispy Kremes. They are a totally different animal than the Dunkin-style Donut. Niether one is better than the other - they are just different.
I think America needs to get over it's Donut-Store Racism and make room for both Dunkin Donuts AND Krispy Kremes. (Maybe we should plan a demonstration?)
We could be like MacDonalds and Burger King - setting up stores within a block of each other where ever one is found, so there is the other within walking distance.
C'mon all you Donut-eaters Of America (DOA), can't we all just get along?
imho: There is no beauty on the earth like that of the

It has been 8 years - (8 looooong years!) since I have had a Chocolate-creme filled Dunkin Donut. There were 3 in the bag when I arrived at 8am, it is now 8:37 am and they are all gone.
But fear not, I have downed all 3 of them with a glass of milk, whereby I might keep the bodily humours in balance with a reasonable sugar - protein ratio.
(yeah. sure. )
I will go and do some filing now and wait until I blow my pancreas out of my back.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Holiday Preparedness

Wednesday is a Holiday.
Be prepared.
It's "Secretaries Day" ( AKA Administrative Proffessionals Day)
Don't let yourself be caught unprepared for this spectacular opportunity to
lavish praise and appreciation on your Administrative Professional.
If you haven't got an Administrative Professional, I will be happy to serve as a stand in on that day.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

NWHDS Spring Festival

To Pete:
I did not keep my vow regarding “don’t THINK and drive.”
After such a weekend, and with such a long drive, it's inevitable.

In everyday life,
The people around me act as though they expect me to be tuff and hard and efficient,

like a sledge hammer or a drill.

But I am only a banana.

People treat bananas differently than they do a sledge hammer.
They take care not to slam the bananas around carelessly.
If you set it on the counter wrong or too roughly, the banana gets a bruise.
Sometimes you don’t even know it’s bruised until the peel starts to come away.

Then you get a good look and go, “eeew, that yucky part needs to be cut out.”
A banana is not very strong.
And it’s fairly small.
It fares a whole lot better when it is attached to the “bunch.”

I am profoundly grateful for the friends I have found in the NWHDS over the past several years.
You guys feed me, spiritually and intellectually.
You don’t treat a banana as though it were a sledge hammer.
You just let it be what it is: a banana.

You guys build me up, while still permitting me to be small.
That is the best thing of all.

Friday, April 22, 2005

In all my days here...

at Cascade Station, I have never had a truly boring day.
Until now.
Good Gravy!
Scout and I are the only people on the entire second floor today.
Steve and Donna are theonly 2 people on the first floor.
The phone is not ringing,
and it is silent as a tomb.
I love it.
I think I am going to indulge myself and fire up URU!


What a Friday!

(Watch now...the minute I get it loaded, the phone will start ringing and people will start wanting me to do stuff. I 'll just betcha!)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

New SOUND update

The SOUNDS link in the sidebar is sporting a new tune today.
Another selection from the PBS Series Globe Trekker, the opening theme entitled:

Windpower, by Ian Ritchie

Lessee what else is new?

I have been running another anti-spy program alongside my Ad-Aware and Spybot, and it seems to be picking up alot of stuff that they are missing. And it's nice because I have it set to alert me when ever it encounters adware, so I can see which sites are sending me what.

It's available for Download right now.
It's Microsoft Anti-Spy Beta and it seems to catch everything so far.
I'm loving it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

NW Hammered Dulcimer Society's Spring Rendé

It looks as though I will get to be a part of this years event after all.
For a while there, we weren't sure.

The Annual "Spring Fling/Rendé event",
has been happening every April/May for the last 7 years, (I think it's 7).
There will be great teachers and lots of jamming, as well as eatz and the raffle prizes.
(Seems I recall the year when Janet won 75 % of the prizes and then there was the year when Carl Thor won everything. I think we should dis-allow their participation this year, either that or double the costs of THEIR raffle tickets.) ;o)

Of the raffle prizes being donated this year, I think my favorite so far, is the Homer Simpson talking bottle opener.
It's loud, it's obnoxious, it bears the ever-popular DUFF Beer label!

The new venue for Spring Rendé is the Oral Hull park and conference center located in Sandy OR. It is owned and operated by the Federation For the Blind, and is a wonderful place complete with full-service kitchens and an 18 person hot-tub. (I shudder at the thought of filling it with 18-plus rowdy musicians.
It's ok, they are mainly folk musicians - how much trouble can they get into?
(Maybe some body should bring the "Mighty Wind" dvd.)

Monday, April 18, 2005

Smack Fest 2005

Ok, so...3 posts in a day, but this one couldn't wait.
When you get to this place, scroll down to "Smack Fest 2005.

New SOUND section

Sidebar will now carry a DL-able sound file from time to time, listed as "Sounds."
When ever I update it, I will delete the current file and replace with some new and bizarre sound file or toon.

This weeks selection in the SOUNDS sidebar is taken from the popular travel show on Public Broadcasting known as "Globe Trekker."
This selection is from their segment on Iceland and Greenland titled "Valiha."
They also offer the soundtrack for sale at the Glober Trekker Site.

Won't you come in?

On my way.
Making my own way to the furnace.
A furnace designed for me,
For such a time as this.
It is HE who says, "Go. Go in to the furnace."
It is HE who says, "Come. Come in to Me within the furnace."
Alpha and Omega.
At the beginning, and also at the end.
I make my own way to the furnace.
He gives me the choice.

My friends line the sides of the road.
They stand silently, mostly.
Some smile and reach out.
Some try to point me in the opposite direction,
with love in their hearts.

Some friends step out in to the path,
as if to guide me back, away from the furnace,
to the place I have just come from.
I thank them,
knowing their heart is bent toward my good,
but I know The One who calls and sends,
So I must force them to one side.

With each step I feel the heat,
Even while it is yet some great distance away.

Obstacles would seek to bar my path to the furnace.
I must fix my will upon the Perfect Impossible
And keep going.

I see up ahead, the door of the furnace.
An unfathomable, terrifying blaze.
My skin grows hot and dry.
Beads of sweat grow and run down my neck and forehead,
into my neck and eyes, stinging me,
Blurring the path.

At the end of the path and off to one side of the flaming maw,
I see a friend who has cleared a path of escape for me,
into the cool forrest.
She has created a "safe haven" for me,
even at the threshold of the furnace.
She does not believe,

All these things I saw,
though my journey is only half completed.

I am making my own way.
I can do it because
I know The One Who sends,
And I know The One who calls.
Alpha and Omega.
At the beginning, and also at the end.
I make my own way to the furnace.
He gives me the choice.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Tests and new things

I took a bold step and uploaded almost my entire portfolio including sketchbook stuff.
Then I went back in and looked at it, and deleted a bunch of stuff.
I am such a ninny!
Fortunately I have good friends.

In another bold move I will force myself to frame and hang some more older pieces this weekend. If I am forced to look at them on a daily basis, it may help me to finish them.

I am finding more and more applications for some of my PS pieces. That is kinda gratifying.

Today may be a good day.
Wednesday night, I never did go to sleep. It caused me to be somewhat accident prone yesterday. I fell down the stairs, I fell UP the stairs (?!) and then I had a classic, "Where'd the chair go?" accident and hit the floor like a ton of bricks. This last incident depleted my dignity reserves significantly, but I think today will be a much better day.


Friday, April 8, 2005

Dullard that I am...

Or is that D'llard?
No matter.
I am sure I will be relying on the good citizens of D'ni to help me get started down the path into UU. A trip made much less difficult now that I have acquired my Authentication Key.


Look out!

Snowing again

Funny, it was sunny and warm yesterday and today its back to snow, and its coming down thick and sticking.

It is to laff!

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Madras House

I took this photo Monday on the way back from Portland. I may upload the textures I got here someday as well.

Freak Snow Storm

Ididn't get to post these last week, we had a streak of sunny and 70 degree weather, followed by this, this and this. by now it has all melted away and we are back to sunny and 70.

Yay for spring.


Not alot new going on...
-working like a fiend
-painting alot more
-shooting ALOT more than painting

Stu goes on retreat and then comes back to work with for new gigs, shooting a marketing piece for a local publishing house, one for an independent producer in LA, two for Camp Concepts, so this has beena good week for him. Scout got her surgery dates for next month...yay! The girl will finally be able to swim like a normal person this summer for the first time since she was in pre-school. Maybe I will take her up the the Reservation, to Kah-Neetah, this summer to swim.

ABOUT THE PIZZA ROLLS: (update to previous post)
I discovered that these freeze well. Also, when making these, one should increase the ingredients, using more sauce and more cheese and more what-ever-else, because when they are baked all rolled up the taste gets lost in the bread dough. So...there is that.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

New, Exciting, Fun and Cheap!

Not me!
I am an extremely married woman!

What I am talking about is a variation on that old pizza dough recipe I shared at Blue Max's site way long ago.

Now you too can create, your OWN freezable, delectable yummy Pizza rolls, at a fraction of the cost than it would take to buy them at a store AND....these are waaaaaaay better!

Here is the variation:
-Make the dough according to the directions and let rise for one hour.
-When you roll it out, instead of rolling it into a
round form, roll it out as rectangular as possible.
-Spread the sauce. (thin)
-Sprinkle the cheese.

Roll it up into a tube shape.
Cut the roll into slices as though you were making a cinamon roll.
(...uh-huh! You're tracking with me here, aren't you!?)

Now, arrange them on a baking sheet/pizza stone, and bake the "Pizza Rolls" at 400 degrees for about....uhm...I dunno... until the tops are kinda golden brown and the cheese is starting to bubble over the top in a nuclear fashion.

Here is the Beauty Part:
I *think* these are freezable at this stage, allowing you to take them out and microwave them when ever desired.

Isn't that great?


If you put the completed Pizza Roll in a sandwich-sized, zip-loc bag, you can then seal the bag "almost" all the way, and then suck all the air out of the remaining hole in the baggie, allowing you the simulated vacuum-packed freezable option.

For discovering this:
I Rok.
(For once in my life!)

Friday, April 1, 2005

and another thing... is a day when we don't believe a word out of Blue Max as April Fools is his own special holiday.
Test every word.

I have been fooled:
I was given a lovely chocolate Truffle.
It was light and fluffy and the chocolate was oh-so perfect...
It was made of cotton balls dipped in Chocolate!

They were just locky I didn't try to shove the whole thing in my moth at once.
(As I am wont to do on occasion.)

Bury Manilo

Today on the lysts, Zardoz made me laff regarding a comment he made about Barry Manilo. It reminded me of a good old friend named Patrick (aka Splat) who sang us a song back in the '80s
dedicated to Mr. Manilo.

The lyrics:

Bury Manilo,
I think you're crazy!
Bury Manilo
Can I have your autograph please?
I love the way you play-ay Maaaaaaaaandeeeeeee!
Bury Manilo!
Bury Manilo!
Bury Maniloooooooo...
Go Away!
(Manilo: "Thank you, you're a great audience, I really really love you......")

'nuff said.