Thursday, June 28, 2007

Glub Glub Glub...

Just for the record...
I have no drowned.
I am not underwater.
I have not been in a high water rescue.
My apt is seeing sky and not fishes out the windows.

So yeah... if you heard about the rains, they're bad but I'm ok.
Luckily I live near work and we are closing at 5 pm.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Weary catch up?

So today I spent another 8 hours on the road, taking and picking up kids from camp, and will do another 6 hours tomorrow. I thought that once all of this stuff started getting close to winding down or ending, I might have some sort of physical backlash take hold as a result of the months of ongoing stress. Funny, that. Right now, I am bordering on weepy and am really shakey. And disoriented. I think if I go do laundry and dishes, maybe it will subside. Maybe staying busy will help.
I dunno.
It just kinda weirds me out, so I figured I would take a sec and blog it.

There it is.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Road Trip Photo

I took this photo while Stu and I were killing time (for the 3rd time) at the only landmark within walking distance - Chili's Restaurant. By this time, the claustrophobic experience and the libreral application of Guiness had reduced us to blithering idiots. As evidenced by my text message to Bryan, which he recorded here at this blog "Cry Havoc."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Update #3 : STRANDED-DAY 1...

The first day of driving started out well. Our lovely brand new, 28ft U-Haul truck had just come off the assembly line with only 92 miles on it. Ahhhh the "New Car" smell!

We left Rhode Island at 4am and entered Mass, as the sun came up.

We bid a fond farewell to the ocean and...

headed north and west toward the Birkshires.

While Stu drove the first leg of the trip, I counted the travel money in our ever-so-fancy money bag.

And I navigated...and zoned out with my MP3 player.

We passed by lovely farm land and serene, slow flowing rivers. Our brand new truck, sailed along smoothly.

Until we pulled off at the Tim Hortons Rest-frikkin-Stop outside of Rochester/Victor New York.
Suddenly our brand new truck hot off the assembly line did not want to go in gear. Oh would go in reverse, but I have no intention of driving all the rest of the way to Oregon in REVERSE!

....for the tow truck from Rochester to come and fetch us to who-knows-where...

Good thing we had food!
A lovely thunder and lightening storm arrived while we waited...


And ate some more yummy healthful foods...

Eventually the tow truck arrived and hauled us to the Managerial training site for Western New Yorks U-Haul employees. Each one bent on making us happy. They dragged the wretched beast off to the GM dealership to deal with it, and they put us up in the local "Microtel".
Unfortunately, LPGA is in town and ALL the motels are booked with the exception of this one SMOKING (!) room. (Was it Divine Providence, More Testing of Patience, or both?) we sit...wasting valuable driving hours in this tacky motel.
I am CERTAIN, that some of those LPGA women could drag our truck the rest of the way to Oregon if we recompensed them properly.
Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A scultpure a day...

Ok so, Tina sent me this amazing collection of sculptures using plain household Scotch Tape(tm).
I will be loading these images over the course of the next few days. If you know who the sculptor is, please share his or her name. I think these are AMAZING!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Old SCA Promo Video

(with regard to the changed video link at the bottom of the post.)

Stu shot and edited this about 3 years ago.
The compression plays havoc with the original broadcast quality - which I am sure you are well aware of anyway, but I thought I would point out that we do NOT produce video that "looks" like this.

Scout, who is graduating from Sisters Christian academy's 8th grade, and I stumbled upon the Master copy of this old promo the day after her graduating ceremonies. We watched it and blubbered our eyes out because she knew and remembered all the students, older and younger, for her 8 years at this school. I blubbered because I had more than 75% of them as Art history students while I taught there. Remembering each kid, his or her bents. if he or she were labeled as a troubled kid - funny - those labeled as "Trouble" seemed to be unusually gifted and attentive art students - anyway...Stu is collecting footage this year to create the next new marketing video for next year. No matter how the school changes its name, whether it creates another highschool class or doesn't, it is a family of alumni and current students and faculty that give the whole place a sense of "home and family" as opposed "insitution" that makes it unique an beautiful.
Anyway...the vid is here...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Back!...for today anyway.... the kids are watching Amercia's Got Talent. I swear that Piers Morgan is the rudest thing since the invention of the colonoscopy! He just came unglued all over some little girls and tore them apart. What a nit.
Anyway...other than that, the show is pretty hilarious.

Tomorrow Scout has her 8th grade graduation and then it is back to prepping to return to RI on the 15th to make the Uhaul trip. Cross the US from the Atlantic to the PAcific in 4 days or less.
Yes friends.
That is the plan.
And then I will fly BACK to RI and get my dad on the 30th.

Then it will be finished.
The travelling part anyway.
And I will collapse.