Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blog Books?

Normally when I see the obvious marketing strategies of online printers advertising that you can "turn your blog into a book" I think to myself, "ugh! As if anyone wants to read anyone elses inner krap! what a self absorbed thing to imagine!"

Today as I sat in Lisa W's office we were chitty-chatting about where our lives were in the past and things that happened back then to shape you we are today with God and such.

She said, "Michelle, you should write some of this down!"
Apparently there is this guy who put forth a Nove3mber challenge to write everyday no matter what.

As I listened to Lisa she3 mentioned that at times when she had gone back to read stuff she had written adn to write down things she remembered from her past, she was amazed and reminded of how good life is and how active God had been in so many ways at the time.

So I thought, "I have at LEAST 5 years of blogging going here. Surely I can pull our a few highlights for myself to remind myself of how good things really are.

Since my blog has aplty fallen on the title "Stop Talking, I'm Out of Aspiring" perhaps the only title for the snippets would be "Aspirin."
I dunno.
And I dunno how I will format these snippets into any sort of valuable entertaining retrospective.

But it got me thinking.
Soemtimes it is GOOD to revisit the past to remind yoru self of
A). How far you have come
B). How life is a series of hills and valleys. When yoaure on the mountain, remember that you will again be in the valley someday, so write down the good times. When you are in the valley, write it down so that you can remember how God brought you through it.

So it has set me to thinking...

sometimes it is also good to give oneself a break and to say, "Screw the Typos. I Yam What I Yam." so yeah, there are a poo-load of typos in that, and I am going to turn a blind eye to them. Besides I am certain most of you can read fluent typo. ;o)

Saturday, November 26, 2011


So it's the holidays and I found my self buying a new hand held electric mixer.
I threw out the old one and was prepping to throw out the matching beaters. (It seems as though I go through this process every few years). I thought to myself, "what if I just take the beaters to the thrift store?" And then I thought about that.

How many electric mixers do I imagine come into the thrift store with no beaters?
Because we throw them out because they are DEAD. It's the beaters that go on and on and on for ever with no hope of use or solace.(Pregnant pause...looks at self in mirror? Moves on...).

So THEN I thought to myslf, "I wonder if there is a sculpture or some sort of wind art I could create using all of these beaters?"
I bet the thrift store would practically GIVE me them all to create a sculpture or something for their silent auction each year.

Hmmmmm......food 4 thot....