Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 Ok....I WAS going to sell these but after having looked them up I think I will keep them, as I grew up with them on my walls through my entire childhood:

M. Medieros circa 1963. Litho's.
#2313. Unsigned.

If you go HERE, and scroll down a bit, there is a fascinating article on these pieces as well as those of the other "Big Eyed Children Artists" of the 60's.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Emergency Pumpkin Dessert Thingy: 
(PS- the above image is NOT what it looks like.
 I just chose this image to represent all of it's pumpkiny bretheren.)

1 can pumpkin. 1 block cream cheese. 
1 container of "Cool-Whip-like" substance. 
1 reg size graham cracker crust.Mix 1st 2 ingredients with half tub of Cool-ish Whip. 
Add powdered sugar if necessary. 
Dump into pie crust. 
Top with remaining Cool-ish Whip. Chill (or freeze) 
Serve after a while.

You could probably substitute some other fruity or chocolatey filling for the pumpkin here.
If there is extra filling, you can store it in an air tight container in the fridge and when needed, spread it on graham crackers for a quickie snack.

For 3 days I have been cooking up a storm because all my people are gone and I get the kitchen to myself.
Why do I not cook when my people are here?
A): Somebody is always under foot, needing to make some lunch or some snack or do this or that. It's
B): If I screw up what I am trying to make, there is no one around to ask, "Hey mom, where'd that thing go that you were making?" To which I feel compelled to respond innocently, "What thing?" They then will probe more deeply with their questions until I can only either tell the truth - "I buggered it up and threw it away okay are you happy?" or I can lie, "Oh that, I was making soap."

Friday, September 28, 2012

I laid carpet in "The Maggot". Tomorrow its paint touch up over silicone plugged holes. Then storage installation.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dolly Lawna : Chap 1.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who liked to take the
heads off her dollies. She would attach them to fork handles 
and then stick the forks in the ground in spiral patterns
across the front lawn.

The little girl liked to walk the paths between the forked dolly spirals. Sometimes she would stand in the center of one and  twirl around and around and around gazing up at the clouds, imagining she was a tiny little drill, boring her way through the clouds and out the other side into the Great Blue of the sky. Although she had never seen it, she had heard stories about the other side of the sky being blue. She did not understand how there could be two skies, and often wondered what it would be like to live under a sky that was not white. How strange a thing. (This little girl was from Oregon where, as we all know the colour of the sky is white.) The little girl wondered how her forked dollies would look beneath the blue sky and above their green lawn. The idea of so much colour gave her a head ache, so she went back in to the house to look for more dollies.

As time went on, the little girl found it necessary to expand her lovely Dolly Lawn. She collected dollies from Santa Clause and from Auntie Vyrdie and Uncle Ned at birthdays. She once took the trash out for the elderly neighbor lady for a whole year, for a nickel a week, to earn enough to buy a Chatty Kathy Dolly. Unfortunately when she removed Chatty Kathy's head there was a cord attached. When that was snipped, Kathy's head refused to be chatty any more. This was both a great discouragement for the little girl as well as a great lesson. The Dolly Lawn grew beyond the borders of the front lawn, extending into the grassy rectangles between the sidewalk and the curb in front of her house, as well as through the sideyard and was now growing in the backyard. It was not long after this that the little girl found herself in a most disturbing dilemma...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Introduction to David Sedaris

This is one of my current favorite pieces done by Author/Humorist David Sedaris:

Start the player and let it run for a sec, then move the slider on the player up to about 17:30 minutes into the piece.

"The Detectives:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Tonight its tortellini with garden tomatoes, corn, green beans and green salsa.
Fun, cheap and nutrients and actual ingredients.

Stude's New Engine

The Studebaker's engine being restored by master mechanic Dave Graham of Redmond Oregon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

At the top of the hill by my house.
Today was an ashen mess.
We actually ended up closing the store early due to no customers out walking in it.
I saw people walking with respirator masks and I also saw a guy riding a bike while smoking a cigarette. Dude? Seriously? Is the ambient smoke not enough for ya, huh?

On a separate note: I don't plan to wash my car until this first rain, just for the sake of ash-collection-on-a-speeding-vehicle recording purposes.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pole Creek Fire Friday Night

I just happened to stop at the airport around 10pm and saw the fire line exploding as it would progress and hit new fuels. This photo does NOT do it justice, but I didn't have a tripod and had to expose for 3 secs hand held. Still it gives you an idea. ANd this was actually in the pitch dark so I am kinda happy with how much light my camera collected in the process. :o)

Thunder and Lightening Tomatoes

The glorious bounty from Kristi's tomato house, displayed atop her stove, after we drove Scout home during the horrendous Thunder and Lightening storm that started the recent fire at Wilt Rocks. Fortunately our local fire fighters were on top of it in no time at all. I don't think any of the residents realised there was a fire so near them.

The firefighters stomped it dead within what appeared to be approx 45 min.

Smoked Vennison?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Mornin' Smokeshine

The start of the day, before the breeze pushes it all out to what ever direction the winds will.
Don't "breathe deep" THIS gathering gloom.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Graduations again...

...and of these graduates tonight, none of them are mine.
Tonights is the largest graduating class for SHS in a long time. 200+ students.
I think of some of them and remember years past.
How proud I am of all these kids. Some of them are mine and some are not.

They are rappers and poets, mathematicians and musicians. Savantes and actors.
All unique in their own flavour and bents.
Such a great town to live in and grow kids in.

I have awesome kids!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Twizzle Knock

So, when I was a kid I did a lot of sleep walking.
A lot.
Doing and saying a lot of bizarre things.
As I got older I grew out of it.

But when I am super tired, or sound asleep at the beginning of the night, I am entirely incoherent. If anyone tries to speak with me, get any info out of me, or try to hold any form of conversation with me, words that have nothing to do with each other or any subject come flying out of my mouth, eventually in a tirade, which is probably intended to mean " Hey you rotten kids quit bugging me and let me sleep!" But none of those words are actually strung together.

This causes no end of humour and practical joking on the part of my kids,
"Hey lets go ask mom something while she's asleep! Hahahahah!"

So in the nighttime last night, I awakened (apparently) and jotted myself a note, which, today
as I look at it, makes no sense what so ever.

The message reads: "twizzle knock".

Now to be fair, Twizzle is the cat.
Did she knock on the door?
Did she knock on wood?
Did she knock off the other cat and stuff her body in a trash can?
Who can say, who can know?

I go to work.

I come home.

There is the stupid note I wrote still on the counter.
I look at it again. WTH was I thinking?
("I am going kookoo", I tell myself.)

Oh well, time to make dinner.

I say to myself: "Oh, I should turn on some music while I make dinner. I will fire up my playlist on Grooveshark.com"

Now what!
There's no friggin internet?
I can't cook dinner with no internet!

Now I realise that my note is not stupid.
I realise that in my nocturnal stupor, I managed, with what meager faculties I could engage, to scrape out of my sleep the only two words that would explain the dilemma to a future, awake Me:

"Twizzle knocked the modem off the book case in the middle of the night resulting in all the wires falling out and some body has to dig it out from behind the book cases, re-plug in all the crap and then re-boot."

And I used two words to 'splain all that?
I am not so kookoo as I thought.

Or maybe I am...

Monday, May 28, 2012

I love how...

...my kids love me when they want something, or when they need a shoulder to cry on or when they need a listening ear or a ready defender. But apparently on all the other days they are just too embarrassed to bring a friend home. Today for example. I bust my butt to make a nice bar B que for my kids. 1 goes to a bar b que some where else at the last minute, the other texts me that she is too embarrassed to bring her friend to our house for dinner.
What am I...?
Tell me that don't hurt.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Todays Game: Find the Pin

Must have dissolved over the years. Still, you can see the screws easily enough. (click on images to enlarge.)
You can see the screws holding together what I am told is the talus/sub-talus area of my ankle joint. And yes, the tech laughed at my stupidly high arches, which cause me no end of shoe shopping issues.

It may be something as simple as just opening the skin and removing the screws, as apparently the tech mentioned that sometimes they can work their way back out. He worked for a local Foot and Ankle Surgery clinic for 20 years before coming to the Radiology clinic so I like to think his shooting my Xray was providential.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dry bones and stripped screws

Backstory: 22 years ago I suffered a crushed ankle (technically the talus/sub-talus bones). The Portland Winterhawks Hockey Team Doctor happened by the E.R. and said, "don't fuse it, I think I can save it."
So 3 screws and a pin later (and 6 months non weight bearing in a wheelchair), he was right. He projected that I would get another good 10 years out of it before needing a fusion. He was wrong. I've had a good 22 year run with it.

But now I can tell that the joint is bad, and it feels like the screws have stripped inside the bones. (You carpenters will have a good idea of what that might entail, but in bones not wood.)

So, the dilemma is tempting: it feels so GOOD to strap on that velcro protective boot that comes wtih orthopedic foot injuries. It relieves SO much (if not all of the pain.) The problem is, it's like being in a cast and so you lose muscle tone. The only muscle tone left that would allow you to remove the boot and remain walking.

Right now, I can tell that my gait is becoming more and more stunted, in order to guard the weak bones. Going up and down steps is a fascinating physical gyration that few but myself would recognize as being "off".

I am so tempted to strap on the boot and live in it...but such ongoing restriction only weakens whatever muscle tone remains.

What to do, what to do...

...and yet...
I long for the boot.

Friday, March 30, 2012

I am feeling angry and frustrated:Episode 1

So because of my dad's medical situation and his needs came up against my work hours, I was forced to send my dad to the doctor visits with Stu. Its fine because he is good with interpersonal stuff and releiveing stress in such situations etc, but he is also really BAD at getting all the fine details of the data and arrogantly reports in a manner that suggests that whatever he says is the right answer. I have found his data to be inaccurate on many counts today when I actually was able to attend a crucial Dr appt.

Back story thingie:
But so, Stu recently lost his mom. Due to his unemployed status, he was able to go over and stay with both his mom and dad while they walked together through the end of life process, which is great. I did not tell him or his siblings how to handle any thing with regard to their choices. They are the ones who are family and I am not. I am an in-law and I know my place. SO anyway, now Stu is thinking to tell me his opinion in how we shoudl handle my dad. My dads sensibilities are completely opposite of Stu's parents. Stu needs to butt out. Besides, he is (hopefully) going to be in ND getting a job which will support the family. I don't care if he makes $30, 000 a month as long as he deposits $2400 monthlyu to cover the basic necessities of the household and his children - not groceries or my gas. Anyway, we will see. He needs to remember his place. And he gets pissed at me for reminding him. To define what my dads needs is none of his business.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Strange Days

Well yesterday we went from "when Kenz gets home lets spend the evening watching movies and chillling out" to "hey mom, I got that job in Tigard! I gotta leave RIGHT NOW to get over the pass before it freezes!".

The sudden change left me with the bizarre stress of having her yanked mysteriously from my life and also leaving me with the responsibility of her dog and two rats to care for.

I work at the store today.
I can't be leaving Ika home so suddenly after Scout has departed and so my only other option is to take the dog to work with me and have her spend time in the car, with me going outside once each and every hour to let her out and take her for a trot around the vacant lot next to the store.

Weird day.

Monday, February 6, 2012


**ATTENTION** Art work of Cow is by Norma Wilson.
View/shop her gallery at http://normawilsonfineart.com/

ok so, coming home from Portland friday night, we were going over Hood after having dropped Blake back off at Meyer's. We hit the top of Warm Springs and started the descent into Cow Canyon (I remember now, that's what that part of the canyon is called, now I know why) at about 1:15 am. I am cruising at about 60 mph. (Who snickered?? Ok FINE! Add 7 more!)

ALL OF A SUDDEN this COW - entirely jet black except for the white face - comes walking right bloody into the path of my car!!!
I swerved and managed to narrowly miss the thing. I must have exclaimed "something"(tm) because Scout woke up from her place in the passenger seat and said, "What's going on?"

I didn't even stop to see if I grazed the dumb thing but just kept on going.
I told her I almost just hit an entirely black cow.

Can you imagine hitting a cow at highway speed? We all would have died!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh the dumb things we do for boys...

When I was 12 I got a typewriter, and old Underwood portable that had been my grandfathers.
This was in the days before the internet.
In these days there were mere rumours of an invention called a video disc and VHS Cassettes were still being dreamed of.
So when a teen girl needs to vent, and there is no blog to turn to, she typed her brains out.
At first stories, but later poems. Filled with angst and teen-girl gusto.
I typed everyday. Sometimes for hours, depending upon the drama level in my life.

And then one day, at the edge of my teen-dom I did the unthinkably stupid:
I gave them, all of them, to a BOY.

Now I have none of them.

Dont be stupid.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Foiled once in Brownsmead.

Oh I was so close! If only I had done a little more research I wouldn't feel the need to go back and capture what I was SO close to. A mere 100 yards or so? Ugh! I KNEW(!) there was an abandoned railway around there some where. The fact that there was a derelict, uprooted and moved depot down at the crossroads by the grange was proof enough. Aldrich Point Road. At the washout. PArk the car and keep going...only first (!) get permission because this place is ooky and extremely well guarded by all of the residents. They will come after you with a shotgun if you even stop on the paved road and get out of your car. Anyway, if I go back in Feb I had better have some calendar samples to hand out to The Big Man, so he will let me back into the town to shoot. :o)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Windows 7 Screensaver not working-FIXED!!!

For some people, it is the use of their Windows 7 gadgets that keep the screensaver from engaging. For some people, their wireless mouse seems to interfere with the screensaver starting.
For many others, it is very simply the power management options. I carried out the following fix and it worked!!!

For my part, I WANT my screensaver to ALWAYS kick in after 3 minutes for security reasons. When I set my screensaver, I alwasy click the box that says "Require password"and/or "Show Welcome Screen on Resume" (or whatever the exact verbage is, it's something like that. ANYWAY...
my screensaver woudl never activate, leaving my compie open to whoever walked by to get in and mess with at their will. This is why I rely on my screensaver. Besides, I have vacation and my kids pix on there, and I like to see them. :o)

The solution did not come as part of my own cleverness, but from the following person and so far he was the only person that had the right answer for me:


So frustrated was I with not being able to get my screensaver to work all this time, that I carried his instructions to the Nth degree although, his were a little different than mine I was able to get the basic idea. I went into the following options:

-Right click the center of your desktop and select PERSONALISE

At this point odds are great that you have either monekeyed with your power settings at some point, or like me, never messed with them at all yet. This is an excellent time to do so. :o)

On this POWER PLANS screen you have a multitude of options.

I took about 10 min. and selected CHANGE SETTINGS for every power plan offered.
I left the battery settings much the same, but for all the options where is it tells the computer what to do when its plugged in, I clicked all the arrows on the drop down menus and selected NEVER for all the options, on all the power plans listed.

I didn't even have to reboot, and in 3 minutes I was looking at craggy pacific coast rocks and my kids climbing them!


If I can do this, so can you!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kooky Ghoulash thing my dad used to make. (I bet James Lileks could ID this thing!)

I haven't thought of this in years. It used to make me crazy!
To coin a phrase from our favorite gourmand of the all things disgusting James Lileks,"Glop In a pot!".
This thing my dad and mom made is the TRUEST form of Glop In a Pot. and yet, it's kinda good and hearty if you don't think about the 1950's - 1970's style of ingredients.

I don't know what they called it. I am sure it had no right name.
They just called it "Macaroni."
Ok Yankee Doodle, here it comes:

1 lb ground beef
1 green pepper, chopped
1 large onion, chopped.

Begin to fry up this lot.
When burger is cooked through add:
1 can of pork and beans (yes. thats what I said.)
1 can of diced tomatoes
Optional - it seems like my mom used to throw the tiny can of Tomato paste in this mess as well.
And then add enough pasta to soak up what ever liquid is abounding in the pan.
Let it all simmer until liquid is soaked up and pasta is soft.
If liquid still abounds, remove lid and let cook off for a while.


So I made this for my family tonight.
I had all the ingredients and was wondering what I could make and suddenly, like an epiphany/deja vu moment, I remembered "This thing" my mom and dad made. (Besides me and my brother, that is.)

They loved it (face palm).