Sunday, August 28, 2011

Found: Lost Surfer Beach Pics!

Lynn will be SO happy!

This was the June trip. It rained the first day but it was ok, the surfers were still out and it made everything that much more vibrant. Please excuse water drops on some images. I am too lazy to photo-shop them out right now.

This was the same weekend as when the boys came up and climbed the house and Arcadia Rock.

Monday, August 22, 2011

FINALLY!! Graduation pics!

And now I give you:
Graduation, 2011

I apologize to Scout, Allan and everyone else for how longs it's taken me to get these posted...but at least I got it done before the end of the summer.

Dufur Threshing Bee 2011

Dufur is a wonderful little secret. Who would ever go somewhere purposefully, as a destination, to a place named "Dufur"? Well, I can't wait to go back next year. Hot as 12 yards of "you know where", it is also a picturesque farming valley. And for one weekend a year it is filled with draft horses, steam tractors, horse drawn farm equipment, parades, and a field full of food, craft and antique vendors. Not to mention the many garage sales that pop up to take advantage of the tourist traffic. Having said all of this, I heartily admonish you to avoid the place. Why? Because a well kept secret needs to stay that way. ;o)

If you MUST see, then here are just a few photos from my trip this year.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011



-Stu's new Volvo dead again. Fixed and paid. so far this $2400 car has cost me
approx $4000.
-Visitor ends up being a pot/coke head coming down off meth.
(NOT the visitor from Mich. The OTHER visitor from Cali.)
I am not capable of seeing this person thru rehab.
We all thought he was clean to begin with B4 arriving.
Does that make me a bad person for saying, "Uh dude? I did not sign up to hold your hand through rehab. And apparently it would be rehab that you don't even think you need?)

-Against my wishes and better judgement, I LET Stu take the Montero!
-Montero breaks, needs new engine now! Blake James and Stu are stuck out in Jordan Valley, OR. Blake n James stay at the mechanic shop with the vehicle while Stu walks / hitch hikes the 150 mi to Nampa Idaho.

-Scout is burnt out and tired.
(How this is my responsibility I don't know other than...something.)

-Stu informs me that if he is supposed to pick kenz up from camp as was previously planned, then he will be forced to drive the Volvo - as if I am a bad person for not giving him the next good car in line to make that trip. He insisted on buying the Volvo! Now bloody drive it! I've sunk a krap load of $$ into and not a dime of his, so he has no right to insist that I owe him a different car to use, aka Scout's Subaru.

Can you tell, people?
Can you see?

Right now I'm A DONKEY ON THE EDGE!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A month before Blake was born, I was involved in a car crash at 9+ months pregnant.
I spent the first 6 months of his life in a wheel chair and on crutches. In order to move the baby around the house, I crawled on my knees and pushed him from room to room in a bassinette exactly like this one. When he was asleep in his crib, I filled this bassinette with laundry and pushed it down the hall to the washer on my hands and knees.

When I saw this in the store today, it brought back SO MANY memories.

Unlike this thing below, which I found in a booth while dusting. If one of my friends had found this, he might have put it in his "Um..." photo album on Facebook. It certainly does have "um..." value:

Yes it is an antique pottery jar.
Below is a close up of the text.