Monday, January 19, 2009

Hospital, car wreck, job cuts and stuff

Man I am so wiped, I can't even write this!
So I am just going to blabber.

It has been a fascinating 72 hours!

Friday Scouts Bladder infection became more than that.
We spend the day in the ER. They sent her home with hightened antibiotics and some Vicodin.
When we got home from the hospital, Stu dropped a bomb in that his hours at work were cut from FT to 35 hours per week. Not just his, but all of the FT staff where he works.
It is likely true that, despite the economy, his employers were actually attempting to save some jobs by cutting back rather than firing 2 or 3 people completely.
But there is one thing that I found MOST telling and that stuck oddly in my craw...
...the person who let him go, (and who he has worked under at a different company in the past) asked him a very odd question after telling him the news; his supervisor asked, "So, when I called you in here, what did you think it was going to be about?"

THAT is such a really strange thing to say.
I mean what kind of a cat-n-mouse, control freak, self seeking kind of a question is that?

That is just too weird for me.

As far as Scouts healing, all seemed well by Saturday AM.
And then Satruday night, she missed a middle-of-the-night dose of her viciodin and I noticed that her pain level was waaaayyy beyond what it had been originally.
So we kept up the medications all through Sunday.

Blake and My Nissan:
So Saturday, Blake and Emery and Andrew are all coming home for the weekend.
Blake drops off the other boys at their houses and on his way home, he decides to take the scenic route, since it has been a while. A totally random thing.
It was on this road that a deer came shooting out of the brush seconds ahead of the Nissan.
It his the car and rolled up on the windshield and flew off into the ditch, leaving Blake shaken and my Nissan drivable but totalled.

Blake was remarkably unharmed!
He suffered a little from the deployment of the airbags (which stink to high heaven let me tell you) and he was a little bit shocky abotu 30-45 min after the fact, but is mercifully unharmed.

Scout on the other hand, steadily growing worse on Sunday and by Monday morning, had run out of vicodin with no relief in sight afterward. I dosed her the final pill and then loaded her back up to go to the ER.

It turns out she has a 6mm kidney stone!

She goes in tomorrow AM to see the kidney doc and get it taken care of.

So I get home on Monday night, and Stu has taken the boys all back to Portland which was hugely helpful, and I am not in the door 10 minutes an dmy dad is here banging on the back door saying he cooked some chili this afternoon and puttled out some hotdogs and wanted to eat dinner.

He is a fairly unhyegenic individual, and we typically do not eat foods that he brings unless theya re still seaked in the package or unless we have personally witnessed the hiygenic preparation beforehand. So my dad wants us to eat his food. I have to grill him about when he cooked it, and after he cooked it, where he stored it until the evening. He says "well, on the counter of course! I am not going to put a warm pan in the refrigerator!" I said, "dad, you can't leave food out for more than an hour after you've cooked it. If you don't eat it in that time period you have to put it in the fridge!" He said, "No! he woudln't do that." So it was at that point I messaged scout on Facebook and said, "you should probably not eat what gramps is bringing." I mean, like I don't have enough to worry, I have to worry aout hurting his manly ego pride feelings when he brings over ecoli tainted foods, from poor prep and the fact that he doesn't wash his hands and he sneezes and coughs into his hands and then lays the on the food!

I swear....there are DAYs, old man!....

Anyway, there it is.

For today.

But tomorrow is a whole new day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy day

I managed to find work today! Yay!
Also, I managed to find a replacement disk for my missing Uru Complete Chronicles Disk 1.
Now..all I have to do is replace my Monkey Island Games which all got scratched up to bejeebers,
and then the rest of my winter weekends will shape up to be pretty danged good!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

stuff and what not

So today I got a chanc eto work in the morning at Pony processing freight with Rick.
Since the store (Heritage) is closed weekdays until spring break, I find myself looking for other work again...that and Stu got shorted half his pay this month - which was such a lovely surprise. It was 1/3 short last month so you can imagine the glee with which I recieved this news. But is is ok because it inspires me to look avidly for new jobs that I haven't pursued before and causes me to cook in new ways. Really, this is a good thing. It is amazing what you can pass off as dinner to people who aren't paying too much attention, and to the ones who are, its all in the presentation. So far so good. :oD

So I worked at Pony this morning and may get anther chance to on Thurs or Friday. I may get a chance to volunteer teach History next week, up the the Alliance Highschool. our history teacher had a family injury and needs to take some time off so she compiled the lessons and since the curriculum for the segment relies largely on Ken Burns' Civil War, I think I will show that for the first part of class time and then move on to the other portions of the curriculum. I am kinda exctited by the chance to do this. I will just have to figure out how to juggle working with filling in this gap.

Blake, Andrew and Emery (friends since 5th grade) all moved in to an apt in Portland together and are attending school up there for this term. I miss them but I am glad they are within driving distance! :o) They have been busily furnishing their apt with thrift store finds and artwork. It is really coming together. I am so glad the boys are together. Once they get their internet hooked up Ihoep they will post some pics of the apt on FB.

That is all the boring poop for the day.
Figured I ought to at least write something.

Maybe more to come tomorrow.

O here, it's a clip from a show that I watched growing up in the 70's.

Suddenly the things I do and the ways I do them all make sense now, seeing what was being pumped into my young mind every saturday morning.