Tuesday, February 28, 2006

sumus quid sumus

Catalog Successes and Road Blocks:
-part of life I suppose. I thought it would have gone toprint by now, but I forgot about everyone else doing their part. I did my part. I just forgot that they are not as anal as I am and have other things to do besides submit copy and what not. So it has been "Hurry-up-and-Wait." I hate it, but there is not much I can do about it. Just apart of life sometimes.

It freaks me out.
For years people I know, introduce me as "Well this is 'Blog Bicsuit,' she is an artist."
Boy those are awfully hard words that stick in my craw no matter how hard I try to distract or disuade anyone from identifying me with those words, it seems to come back home to roost.
I guess is is finally happening because I find myself purposefully preparing stuff for the gallery.
I have no idea how this happened.
It kinda snuck up on me.
(If 'snuck' is even a word.)

THEM : Hey, some people are thinking of organizing a co-op gallery, why don't you just come and sit in on the meeting.

ME : Huh. What the heck. Why not?

And then it happens. Everybody starts going around the room stating their name and their medium.

FOTO GURU: I am a nature photographer. I am not a "geek" and do no photomanipulation what so ever.

DECOR WOMAN: I do furniture and jewelry.

ME : Uh. My name is "Blog Biscuit." (Scramble, think fast stupid, what are you gonna say?) And I am a total geek and do some digital art/photo manipulation."

(Whew! Safe. I managed to find some acceptable words.)

WENDY (painter extraordinaire) Oh "Blog Biscuit!" You are also a painter too!

ME : Smiles weakly. Becomes invisible. I am now an empty Jacket and levi's sitting here cleverly poised in this chair.

And so...
I find myself needing to somehow come up with something presentable to "submit" (another difficult to fathom, word) to the co-op board - a jury of my peers. Great. a "jury."
They will say that what I do is not art but a crime.
And there it will be.
Spoken aloud, and therefore, fact.

What ever happened to my "just BEing."

They say you are not an artist until you have at least 1000 paintings completed.

I have a long way to go.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Clio Award Winning Commercial from the 1970's

Ah yes, thanks to my friend Amber we can take a journey back in time to the Ads of the 1970's.
This one in partiular will tug at the hearts of all those who are old enough to remember the original airing of this commerical - Scroll down and select "INDIAN IN CANOE".

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Catalog Project

a local merchant has hired me to work on a wholesale catalog for their business.
So far they haven't sent me any actual TEXT, so I had to just slap some random words in there in the mean time, under the images where she said she wanted them for page 1 and page 2.
There business is kind of a "Down Home, Americana" product business and so I thought the gingham BG worked, but I am not sure if it isn't still too busy. When I get to putting up pages with multiple products, then I will probably have to scale WAY back n the gingham, unless I just ghost it out even more.
The process is fun though.

Friday, February 17, 2006

I have found heaven on earth

At least as far as design goes.

Were it not for the other valued members of my household, I would gut my house in favour of most of the design options found at the links listed below.

Go Mod

In Mod


Design Public

Retro Online

Retro Decades

Oh, for unlimited resources and Ultimate Domestic Power!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Albino Squirrel

If you've followed this blog for more than a year, then you probably remember the days when I was at Cascade Station as the building secretary, and you would remember my references to Donna, my supervisor. So Donna was over today and she had some fotos she wanted me to process for her. Inamongst the batch was a great littleshot of something I have not yet seen before. It seems that John, Donna's husand was out on a construction job and he shot a foto of this little Albino Squirrel.

Pretty cool, huh?

Being not me

Cryptic Update for Wednesday, Feb 15th, 2006

Being not me is exhausting and takes 5 other people to do it.
But is worthwhile, even so.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

NCASD Co. Soup Line and Movie Terror

NCASD Co. Soup Line: Cajun Chili Gets Funky

So today is Sunday.
I began soaking the beans yesterday, per the receipe provided by Brian.
Ok so, in our small mountain tourist town we don't have "Ham Beenz Cajun" so I am improvising.
Now is the time to be afraid.

So instead of the "provided Spice Packet" I must improvise.
Basil, Fennel, Cayenne, Red Pepper, White pepper, Garlic, onion, Tomato Sauce extraordinaire, scrap the tom paste - ain't got it. Yellow Onion. Red Onion. Purple Onion. Paprika. Red Wine.
Kielbasa, and Chourice. The lemon juice too.

So it has a more northerly, Portuguese-Italian-Cajun slap to it's face.
Instead of Fresh water, I used Bathwater - NO NO ! Just KIDDING!
I made up a batch of beef/onion/vegetable broth on Friday for use in this mess.

I am tempted to throw some okra in there to thicken things, but will restrain myself.
I will let you know if it ends up edible.
Such is my way in the kitchen.

(Pizza and "normal" cajun food aside, for these things I CAN cook properly - Oh and REAL Chai made the East Indian way.)

Suggested NCASD In Flight Movie: FLIGHT PLAN

Have you seen Flight Plan yet???
Now that you have kids, it will make your blood run cold!
Jodie Foster is perfect, as always!

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Ok, this might give YOU nightmares, but I think it is fabulous!
Go check out this "sculpture" and applaude this wonderful freaky artist.


I love it.
So Barb sent me home with her collection that she got for Christmas.
I was used to seeing Joel, but kinda forgot about Pearl, Bobo and Brain Guy.
(I know! How can I forget THEM.)
This morning I put on "Screaming Skull" while I was cleaning the kitchen.
There is a brief Gumby cartoon at the beginning.
I thought I was gonna die, it was too hilarious.

Anyway, this is a good day for MST3K.

Also on the marquee is:

Quest of the Delta Nights, with David Warner playing opposite David Warner and with David Warner in a supporting role.

Soul Takers - With Martin Sheen's "vastly more talented but unappreciated brother" Joe Estevez.

I think for today, 3 is all the 'B' movies I can handle at a time.

if you ever get the chance, you should check out these painful movies with histerical commentary.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Auctions, books, and stuff

Well, I have 4 of the small journals ready to fill with paper. I haven't decided what I will do with the one I was making for Aquila. may use it as the Virtual Attendee Book at the next gathering, if I am unable to sell it for Sharon.
Speaking of the auctions, I may just get my own Ebay store and sell these things so tht the money can go the Sharon.

I already have, ready, A signed EDGE disk from the first Mysterium ever in 2000, a copy of Myst IV:Revelation, and the Hand Bound Journal I was already making for Jame.

I feel like I should follow through even if it doesn't work out for anyone else to do so.
I know there was another lady who had something she wanted to sell, maybe she can sell it on my site with me and we will just funnel the payments in to Sharons PayPal account. Of course, first I will have to learn how to do that.

Thursday, February 2, 2006


I told Barb today about James.
His one and only post as cub-reporter "Zimmy" Zimmerman, to Canker Shores only News paper " The Shore Throat" can be found here at Canker Shores

There were times he made me laff so hard I had to pee!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Delayed reaction

In the beginning there was a flurry of internal panic and a sense of the necessity of the battening down of hatches.
Circling of wagons.
Counting of heads.
FEMA response to disaster relief.

Out of the fog, walked the army.
Out of the depths of the Mysts walked the cavalry.
Prepared and calm, ready and true of heart.

They brought all, they did all.
All I could do was assist, handing the scalpel as they, with a practiced surgical hand, cut away and stitched together the fresh wounds. I swabbed when need arose.

Now that healing is ready to begin, I am reminded, by music, of unspoken things.

There are 3 days.
3 days left to endure.
With the approach of The Day, may I not grown faint in deeds needing to be done.

The answer I prayed for has come in 6 pieces.
3 are the foundation.
3 greet the new day.

Though my heart dares not hope it, I pray that it will always BE so.
Old things are indeed passed and new things can become real.

For the interim, my own crash has arrived.
Unexpected and glorious, in its terrible tempest.
The winds blow and change their direction hourly.
The waves rise and toss and I am as flotsam and jetsam upon such a sea and yet...
there is a haven and an island that is solid and steady.
My feet dangle and twirl in the surf, awaiting contact with it once again,
knowing it will come.

Well I lost Track

*Hangs head in Shame*
It is true.
I lost track of Rushing's Blog...
but now you can link to the new and improved version found in the sidebar at the right.


If you listen to John Kerry...

You might be tempted to think that, as he puts it, we could be eradicate our dependence upon foreign oil within 10 years.
What complete and utter crap.
What an idiotic, self absorbed toad.
I order to achieve his own ends he would insinuate that the government is in coplete control of the auto industry and the individual choice of people.
It just shows how clueless and arrogant John Kerry is.

His statement that "it is not the American people who are addicted to oil, but this administration" is ludicrous. Look at how we plow through, not only oil, but energy as a whole.
I remember a news blurb from a few years back that illustrates the american mentallity on its own comfort. There was a serious heat wave in southern Cal. There were brown outs and what not, and in man-on-the-street interviews, people acknowledged that they needed to cut back, but when pressed with the question "were they going to limit use of their own air conditioners?" almost to a man, they answered, "No way."

The american people are VERY used to their comforts.
Right down to the last man.

So Mr Kerry, you and people like you , need to stop shouting at the American people and engage them instead. You people who watch the news and believe stuff like his statements, out of hand, need to think past the words.

The government can eradicate our dependence upon foreigh oil?
Yes with a HUGE invasive government that bleeds our pockets dry through the taxation needed to support its ponderous weight. And then, you want to hear peopel cry foul at government poking its nose into provate lives, wait till they legislate every singe mile we drive.
But that would be ok with some people, because they have to be combative and have their way, even if their way is worse than what we had to begin with.

Thats my rant and I am sticking to it.

John Kerry is FULL of lies and crap.
George Stephanopoulus (clintin administration) doesn't even have a good word for the guy.