Monday, December 14, 2009

Celts cavort in the fire lit winter night

So I was awakened in the middle of the night,by the image of flames, dancing onto the wall from outside my window.
I threw the curtain open the rest of the way and what did I see?
The boys (BlanDrewNolanEmery)burning the old futon in the fire pit.
I watched them cavort around the fire, pouring gas onto it, and I secretly wondered if any of them were wearing nylon fabrics?
And then to my shock and horror, I watched one of them actually JUMP into the firepit, onto the burning mattress and off again, sending a tower of flames skyward.
It was at this point I realised that I would not be going to bed any time soon this evening.
Eventually around 2am-ish, they began to settle, and actually sit around the fire.
I thought to myself: "Well, there are enough of them now, so if one falls in the fire, the others can drag him free, roll him in the snow while the other one calls 911. There is precious little difference I can make now, by staying awake, other than yelling at them, "hey you boys quit swinging that gas can around over the fire!"
They're just going to say "ok ma."
And then laugh, and keep doing it
I was a little bit alarmed to wake in the morning and see the fire still burning, albeit low. Apparently it has been smoldering all day.
It WAS and old, waterlogged futon, after all.

Addendum: it is still burning.

Friday, December 11, 2009

What are you going to do when you get old...?

So my daughter asked me today: "Mom, what are yougoign to do when you get old?"
"Die," says I. "I think thats what most people do when they get old."
"No!" she says. before you die. While you are being old?"
"well", I replied, "that will depend somehwat upon what daddy wants to do, but, at some point,
I could see myself downsizing and living in an apartment. If I can afford it eventually, I will choose a nice assisted living facility, with nursing home options."
She says, "Oh no! Yo can't go into a nursing home, because then we couldnt have Christmas or holidays with you!"

"Well of course you could, you would jus tcome and pick me up at thye nursing home and
bring me to your place."

"Oh no!" she says."That would just be too weird! We are supposed to come to your house for Christmas and stuff!"

I can see that my work here on earth, is not yet done - at least from a teaching persepctive.
And is this even a thing you can teach?

To be honest, when I become demented and old, I really do NOT want to go and live wiht my kids - much as I love then - - and much because of how MUCH I love them...I would prefer to crawl out into the woods, into the snow and die like a cat who goes off at "dying time."
What is life that we should cling so hard to it when the elderly day of departure might arrive to take us home? No.
]I know my God. I know my Saviour and more importantly, He knows me.
He knows my vileness, and foibles(aka "sin") And He has provided his own remedy for
blotting out my imperfections. To leave this world - in HIS appropriate time - will be like a "Graduation" to bigger and better things.

Today...when I think of cancer (and these are hypothetical and transitory thoughts - which I retain the right to change at a moments notice with no warning - when I think of cancer, I think:
"will I choose to take a treatment? After all, this could be my only ticket at escaping livign too long." I don't want to miss it and be stuck here, dwindling in ill health. Maybe that is arrogant. Now that I see it in print, it is quite possibly a self centered and arrogant attitude. I will have to think more on this. After all, my life is not about me, or my wants, goals or desires. that is one thing that struck me about observing Jesus. The way He lived was not about himself, but it was about other people. People can say what they want about me. I care less and less each day. Screw 'em, What I really want, is to live like Jesus, but to do so is a heart wrenching, gut breaking excersize in agony every day. And it makes me appreciate who He is, and what He came to do, even more.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

You know its cold when...

...when the woodstove can't even heat the entire house without a little help from the electric heat. Which I normally do not use -its too expensive. If I were to use electricity to heat this house in a normal January/February, it would take about $400 a month. There is No way I am paying that. But I hear a warming trend is on the way. We may be up to 32 by Saturday. Awesome! Time to break out the sprinkler and flipflops! Time to set up the slip-n-slide!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Certificate errors and dark thots

Well this new net-book has managed to annoy me in one way:
I cannot figure out how to make it stop alerting on all these certificate errors! Every freakin site I go to (inlcuding my own?) gets me a certificate error-navigation blocked alert. I know I should know how to turn these off, but for the life of me, I can't figure it out. Input please?

On a seperate note, sometimes, some posts will be purely for my own personal edification.
Sometimes, I just need to vent.
If I write, and then delete,'s not the same as writing and publishing.
And so, some posts will be contained here, in this format:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where there's smoke, there's popcorn

I like popcorn.
It's lowfat, and its crunchy and filling.
I especially like Orville Redenbachers 94% fat free pop corn.

Odds are good that by now, you have already guessed a major part of the plot in today's blogpost, but I will go on only I can do.

The way I pop popcorn is always the same:
Set the time for 5min, and stand there the entire time waiting for the popping noises to slow down to "1 pop" every 2 seconds. This is when its time to stop.
This is how I always do this.

Except for today I got distracted.

The phone rang.
A vendor needed to know what her blackfriday weekend sales had been, and she asked, "could I go run her numbers?" I went to the front of the store, and plugged in the info for her booth, told her the details and hung up. I began to putter around the front counter area, catching up on vendor notes andwhat not, until I smelled the smoke.

The smoke could be seen at the back of the store as a light greyish ground fog.Fortunately the microwave itself was not melted.
Not entirely.
I turned off the building heaters and threw open both the front and back doors.
I spent the day "febreezing" the back corner of the store, stockroom, and bathroom.
I am afraid that it is now the microwave itself that is perpetuating the ongoing stink in the stockroom. I may have to buy my boss a new microwave for Christmas.
I will continue to run the fans and febreeze the crap out of the room tomorrow as well, and then see how things are by tomorrow night.

Also, I am now banned from ever popping popcorn at work again.
This is a self-imposed ban.