Thursday, November 30, 2006

A chapter in life passes

Well, it had to come to pass eventually.
When we take inventory of our lives and our priorities, it is inevitable that somethings must take a backseat to others.
And so it has come to pass with my time serving in an administrative capacity at

With the passing of my stepmom and my dad's plans to move out here with us, as well as the fact that all my kids are now entering teen-dom, well...retaining ones focus is always key to remaining successful.
One cannot spread ones attentions too far and wide and maintain high standards.

The current admins are more than capable of "running the show" there.

I feel VERY good about this decision.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Two new Blogroll Additions

First I would like to introduce you to a new blog which I have been graciously invited to participate in called "Eating Plebian." This is basically a food blog dedicated to simple, homespun fare that one need not be wealthy of a seasoned gourmet to enjoy.
Simple Fare for simple folk.
Old ways are best.

The second link I would direct you to is a gallery dedicated to my late Step Mother.
She collected Salt and Pepper shakers most of her long life and ammassed a sizable collection, a fragment of which can be viewed at "Salty Towers." Currently there is only about half of the collection uploaded. I am still working on it, but enough is there to enjoy already.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Stu appears in PSA

hey I almpst forgot - and was reminded because I just saw it air on the local ABS affiliate -
Stu was in a Red Cross blood drive commercial.

Our two rival football teams have had a "civil war" for the last 10 years, on the day after thanksgiving.
The Oregon Ducks( U of O) -vs- the Oregon State Beavers (OSU).
Stu is the entirely ( completely!!!!!!!!!!!) bald guy in the orange shirt, and he also has the final line, "Are you ready for some football?" at the close of the PSA.

You can access the commercial here.
Scroll down and click on the link for "Civil War Blood Drive Public Service Announcement."

Tuff Day

I have two best friends.
Today marks the 46th birthday of one of them.

It is a tuff day becasue this friend passed away in January and he is still VERY much misses by all who had the honour of calling him "friend."

Friday, November 17, 2006

Ok so Eleri found this, and shared it with the Millers Wohba site.

Yay Eleri!

This is crazy!
And Top Men's commentary on it is fairly amusing as well.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Missing friends

Oh the tyranny of duty!
Oh the demands of a busy life!
They foist themselves upon me.
They foist themselves upon you.

I do miss my friends.
Whether as a result of my own "Tyranny of the Urgent", or theirs.
I miss Barb, and James.
I miss Judy, Ran and Blue.
I miss Laurie and Sheryl and Carla Calhoun.
There are too many...FAR too many to name.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Waiting for paint to dry.

So today I am painting and while I am waiting for the paint to dry I ended up playing with elements of it in PS.

The fish were salt shakers, and the Background is for something else entirely.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Well, for starters

Yes I am back from New England.
What a wacky place.
Rhode Island.
Land of more political mudslinging on a minute-by-minute basis than you are likely to imagine possible - unless you are Bryan - in which case its all old news.
Case in point?
The current Poo Tossing fest between Lincoln Chaffee and Sheldon Whitehouse.
Good Lord!
I had to laff and laff.
These men appear to be of mature ages and yet their infantile bickering over the TV is more indicative of Jr High sensibilities.
And people wonder what is wrong in the government.
Just look at the men who are "approving their ads."
The answer is in the question.

As far as the view of the "other side" goes:

Some day, when I leave this world, I will want my passing to be just like that of my step-mom:
Knowing God, knowing beyond doubt the Home you are bound for, and with each new morning ,cursing the fact that you woke up in this same old frikkin body again! To spend your last day in a pain free mixture of slumber, and waking to the faces of smiling loved ones. To depart in the prayerful, loving arms of your daughter, who understands where you are right now, and where you are going, and she vocalizes your freedom to go and that the day's partings are only temporary.
And you select your last 2 breaths, and then you stand in awe before Him who loved you before you even knew who He was. Surrounded by friends and family who have arrived in advance to
welcome you to His magnificent feast.
They came to visit you before you left.
They met that hospital room to remind you that they were waiting for you, and a mighty feast was prepared...they were waiting for you though.
You speak these things to your family in the corporeal world but they think you are dreaming - but you know who is standing in the room with you - angels encircle you all
about. You point them out to those in the hospital room.
"Ma, who are they, what do they look like?"
"I don't know, " you answer. "Everytime I try to see their faces they turn around with their backs to me."

But you know they are there.
And you know where you will eventually wake up, and you are now earnestly desiring to awaken there.
And sleep.
Fervently, and with a mighty will and drive you force yourself in to sleep, hoping that when you awaken, you will have finally Arrived.
And now you have.

Happy birthday on Saturday Ma.
It is your true and final birthday!

Would that I could make my Crossing in such a fashion.

And now, in an effort to soften the intensity of my emotion right now, I will share with you all a song which I have been listening to. A song which has nothing to do with such somber or glorious thots.
A silly song.
A song entitled, "These are not my Pants".
Beware. It is 6MBs

Thursday, November 2, 2006

My Boarding Passes are printed and I'm ready to go!

Got my passes printed just now and by this time tomorrow I will be airborne and on my way for my connecting in Cincy, and onward to Portland!Yay! Only 30 minutes to get the the next flight, but hey...shouldn't be too bad? Can't wait to get home! There are some new images at the mettle works Gallery, here and here. Ok that's it for now.