Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Birds and Brine - A German Thing?

Makes me wonder, because a good friend of mine, Pete Ballerstedt
(can you GET any more German than that? *waves to Brian Siegfried* Yeah, yeah you too!) was telling me that he just brined his turkey for this recent Thanksgiving dinner, and also, Blue Max has posted up his most favorite Fowl Brine recipe at his site.

So, you looked at his recipe, right, and now you're back?

Ok, so I will progress, mainly in repsonse to the recipe details (lacking) in Mr. Max's recipe:

I started by following the directions.
(That is how these things ALWAYS start, don't they?)

Ok, I got everything he said up until the putting the chicken in the marinade part.
I was planning to cover the top with Saran Wrap and place the whole thing in the fridge, but the chicken kept pecking holes through the plastic.
I tried to wrap it again and again more quickly and replace the thing back into the fridge, and before I could, the stupid chicken got a leg free, which tangled in the wire condiment shelf above, and pulled that out, spilling the condiments out onto the floor.
I slipped in a puddle of Apple Butter and ended up sprawled on the floor with the chicken starting to really get loose at this point.

I reached behind me with one hand to flip open the cupboard door and grabbed a mettle lid to smash down over the top of the pan, but it wouldn't stay on because the chicken kept trying to jump up, no matter how hard, or how many times I slammed the lid back down!
So, I wrapped the chicken under one arm tightly, and I got hold of the wooden meat-mallet from the third drawer, and started to beat the bird into submission, but - and do you know how hard it is to beat a chicken while it's kicking and pecking and you only have one arm to hold it with? Well I hit myself in the face a couple of times just because some blows glanced off the chicken and back at me. I also got my arm a few good times I'll tell ya, too - but anyway, I finally got the thing to sit still for a minute, and I put the lid back on the pan, and it seems to be staying on now, but I will say that, in the future, Mr. Max should put a mention in this recipe about the length of the prep time as well as the clean up time.

Hey, and the laundry too!

Monday, November 28, 2005

New Job Congrats & News Papers

Congrats to a long time friend on his new job in AZ.
This is what we've been praying for, right?
Remember that when you feel exhausted.


Also, after reading the account of a friend regarding the audacious miss use of editorial priviledges utilized by his local newspaper, I was prompted to check out the editorial policies of our own Sisters Nugget News.
(For fun, check out the Sherriffs Calls and Letters in the left hand sidebar.)

It seems that there is a word limit, however, I don't know how strictly they adhere to it, because it seems like there are occasionally some letters which are well over 300 words, and yet they are permitted to appear because they make a point of some sort.

Reading Aquila's account of his own experience in Modesto, makes me appreciate the more open attitude of our own editorial staff.

And check this----> What people think they have a right to say - much thanks to North Canton Airline and Storm Door for bringing this to our attention.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Which Muppet Are You?

rizzo jpeg
You are Rizzo the Rat.You have few friends, but are loyal to those you do
have. Maybe if you didn't smell like sewage
you would have more.

Ya know, He's not such a bad guy...for a rat.
I coulda done worse I think.
He's kinda uptown and clever.
I should aspire to such heights!

SPECIES:Rodentia Digesta Lotta Grub
FAVORITE MOVIE:"Rat On A Hot Tin Roof"
FAVORITE SONG:"The Pest Is Yet To Come"
FAVORITE FOOD:You got it, I'll eat it.
HOBBIES:See "Favorite Food".
QUOTE:"When do we eat?"

What Muppet are you?
brought to you by

Thanks to SALAR (See link in sidebar)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Helpful Household Hint of the YEAR!!!!

I love Companion Pet Clinic (tm).
It's like Kaiser, but for Animals.
We had a Companion Pet Clinic when we lived in Portland - the most Honest and thrift minded but compassionate vets I ever knew.

And now I finally found another one!

So the helpful hint they shared with me???

Hydrogen peroxide!

Buy a spray bottle and label it and keep only peroxide in it.
Its many lovlerly uses?

-a wound on man, child or beast that you don't want to apply pressure to but need to sterilize?

Spray the peroxide on the affected area.

-Got a Blood stain on your clothing or elsewhere?

Spray peroxide on the stain. It works much like it does on the wounds - bubbling out the offending germs/molecules whatEVER.

I saw it in action. A lady brought in an injured cat which left blood all over the front of her shirt. The tech sprayed peroxide liberally all over it and I watched the stains almost disappear before my eyes.

-Got some other freaky stain? According to the tech, if you spray it quick with peroxide, then blot it, (or dilute with water/more peroxide and blot it) then you can get rid of most any stain. Impressive.

My poor dear Cat Twizzle:

You see al lthat thick, downey hair?
She suffered some sort of puncture wound that jammed a HUGE wad of this hair into the wound and she got a horrific absess from it.

Her post surgical care calls for Daily moist hot packs ( Ever try to hold something wet against an injured cat? riiiight) and sterilizing with peroxide. Well, I got smart in one area. I immediately bought a small spray bottle and filled it with peroxide. What could be the most stressful area of her care is a complete no-brainer/non-issue.

If I had only known this when my kids were small, they could have brought all their little 'owies' in and I coudl have zapped a bit of peroxide on there and a bandaid with neosporin and away they could go. All of those bloody noses that every one in our family has suffered (Severe. Lasting 45 min to an hour 3-5 times daily in spring and summer) If I had known the peroxide trick, I wouldn;t have thrown out so many ruined articles of clothing.

And so, I am telling you, it is a good idea to keep a spray bottle of Hydrogen peroxide in hand -

Just in case.



Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'll see that Alfredo...

...and raise you a Mashed Potato - in honour of the holidays.

So Blue Max's recent Recipe update reminded me that I haven't yet shared out this years Recipe for the Holiday-Side-Dish-of-Joy.

Blue's recipe reminded me of this because my own recipe (or rather Scout's) is comprised mainly of dairy products as well.

-8 potatos cubed and boiled (or how ever many you need-just adjust the other ingredients accordingly.)

-2 c grated cheddar
-1 brick of Creme Cheese (Neufchatel for the weenie - uh I mean calorie conscious)
-1 small container of Sour Creme
-1-2 cubes of butter. (Not margarine aka plastic)
-1 c of some other grated cheese. Mozzerella, parmesan, Swiss, whatEVER.
-Some half and half or whip cream or at least some milk.

Boil the spuds until tender aka mashable
While they are still mega hot, dump in all of the dairy products except the half and half or whip creme. Slowly add half and half/cream/milk while you beat the entire mess with an electric mixer until smooth.

Feel free to make alot, because these keep VERY well being refridgerated and you can dilute with milk/half and half (or even maybe a light ale?) , add chives/onions garlic etc...and you have alovely potato soup.

So there it is.
Scouts Famous Mashed Potatos Aka "Hot Cheese Pudding."

Bon appetit.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Grace-ious Living?

Pete B sent me this nutty-cool link where this guy has started a photo blog of "Grace."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Butch Arrington:3D and Film Making

Check out Butch Arrington's latest endeavor, as he journals his way through shooting.

Jutting Brow lapses into Sink Hole

As you may recall yesterdays blog post, (Scroll down 1)
I was visiting with the neighborhood, itinerant doberman - a VERY friendly dog,
and one I would adopt in a heart beat.
So as the next 1 hour (post injury) wore on, I could feel the swelling go down, but then I had weird headaches and neck aches all day. I guess it was just those fluids trying to escape?

Anyway after yesterdays injury hooplah,
I awoke this morning to the greeting of my son saying:

"Whoa! Dude! Your eye!"

So I went to the mirror and what do I see?

I apologise for the blurriness, as I am still trying to get used to this new camera, but I DID have the presence of mind to toy with the fish-eye (no pun there) :

I am going to have lots of fun with the Fish-Eye (lens!) at next summer's Mysterium.
it will give a new feel to the old-style "Wall-Of-Shame" photo's.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Jutting Brow of the Neanderthal...

...is now mine, courtesy of a neighbor dog.

Buddy is a gigantic and VERY friendly doberman. He is so sweet.
He has a very hard noggin, though.
And he is a "leaner." He leans his eentire weight against you in a show of affection.
So he is leaning aganst my hip (again this is a tall dog)
And I bend over the other direction to pick up something I dropped while petting him and he jerks his head around toward me and cold-cocks me right in the eyebrow which swell up to the size of an Almond Roca immediately!

That was about five minutes ago and the thing is still growing larger.

It hurts like "12 yards of you-know-where."

Just call me Cro-magnon Girl, I guess.
(N0. Don't.)



Saturday, November 12, 2005

Same post UPDATED: Russia's Window-Revisited

First Siberia Update - in pictures

The landscapes of siberia are incredibly beautiful.
The people are warm and friendly, each face a story in itself,
as we can see in the eyes of this lovely Siberian girl at Age 20 and at Age 25

On a seperate note, and since we have spent the month processing Stu's lovely trip to Siberia and enjoying his aquisition of the neato Souvenirs (Arrest Papers and Signed Confession),
I thought I would add this nutty Russian Art tidbit, courtesy of WOHBA.


If you're inspired after watching other people create, click the pencil in the upper right and become the artist.

Anniversaries and Literary Triumphs!

A fun desktop

Well, I was wondering why I have the recent craving to Play Riven again, while I haven't even had the comon decency to finish Exile, URU, Revelation of Myst V.
Of course, at this time of eyar my thoughts turn toward Christmas, as I am the quintessential Queen of all things Festive during the holidays. (Those websites that you visit with the Bad Christmas lights? That is what is going on in my heart and head starting in November!)

Anyway....So I figured out why the craving to play Riven happens to me inthe winter. DUH!!!
Riven was the first coputer game ever, that I played. I got it for Christmas. I think this is why.
So I thin I will give in to my craving and make space annually at this time of year to play Riven.
An anniversarial kind of thing, ya know?

So...the other Big thing which thrills me:
I have long wanted to have a means/opportunity to read aloud, the works of Stephen R. Lawhead to students. I used to read his youth works to the 1-4th graders (Timothy Mallard, Anna Hedgehog and Jeremy Vole).
I have long wanted to share his Arthurian Quintilogy with the older grades.
Granted, there are some graphic battle and crusader-type atrocities described in it, but after consulting with a bunch of people at the forums, I have decided to pencil in my own edits now that ...

*Drumroll please*

...the Junior High English teacher has enthusiastically invited me to read Lawheads works!
I could almost spit I am so thrilled!

So I will start with Taliesin.
I was thinking of skipping the Arthur quintilogy, and starting with the Albion Saga trilogy, being that it is merely a trilogy, but I had to check my heart.
While the Albion saga is probably his best crafted work yet (imho) my heart lies with Arthur. :o)

So - quintilogy it is.

The books I will be working through are:
Then if there is time, hit the recap in the 6th book "Avalon."
(Although I may skip it as I think it would be a boon to bring in some exposure to the Crusades.)

If I get through all of that, then maybe when the current 6th graders are 8th graders, I will be able to move them right from Arthur into Lawheads Crusader Trilogy:

-The Iron Lance
-The Black Rood
-The Mystic Rose

I can't wait to begin!!

Where did the koi go?

N.S. Tartan

Fact of the day from the Scotsman Journal:
Hugh Gray of the British Aluminium Company took the first known "photos" of the Loch Ness Monster today in 1933. The first claimed sighting of the legendary beast that may live in Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, was in 1871. More than 50 people claim to have seen "Nessie". For more information on the Loch Ness Monster click here

Nessie Lives!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I have this friend who I like to think of as "Majik-J."
Many times, all I have to do is share an idea, and my friend Majik-J, manages to make it possible to happen. After many years of Majik-J making many wonderful things happen, I was allowed to be a part of something that Majik-J was doing.
To be invited to help a friend is a huge priviledge.
To be invited to help a friend who is helping many other friends, is a high honour.
I am humbled by recieving such an invitation.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Studio update

I was chatting in CC (Yes its back now!) with Jahuti, and ended up shooting an updated set of pics of my studio space as it is today. I apologise for the grainy/blurriness. I was in a hurry.

When you walk in the door, and a big white wall greets you.
So turn your head right...

This is kind of like a sitting, thinking, resting, greeting area.

This is the back wall

This is the workspace. Can you tell what I am looking at on my computer?

There are about 12 of these orb things and they are all sitting around the house.
Each one is approx 2 ft in diameter.

The cool thing about being back in CC today, was that I was able to work on this canvas that was REALLY annoying me and I was not sure I was going to be able to finish it. While I was sitting there watching the screen and seeing everybody bop in and out, I found I was able to work peacefully. I even ended up getting some ideas from K'laamas and may try to incorporate thos einto the image as well, if they end up fitting.

Anyway, it was a fine day to be sure.
You never know what you've got till its gone.
Thanks to Mark D for getting Cho back up.