Monday, May 30, 2011

The Haircut

You would think it would be a simple, uneventful task?
So there we are in PDX.
We've Off loaded Scout's stuff at the apt, and loaded up the worlds biggest plasma screen TV to take back to Sisters. We've gone to the Hot Cake House at the bottom of the Ross Island Bridge and stuffed ourselves to the brink of vomitting.

And Blake says,"hey, while we are on this side of the river, wanna go get our hair cut at that really GOOD Supercuts?"

James and Jeremy agree.
So we go.

They enter and Blake announces loudly, "we are here. At the best Supercuts ever!" It's me James and Jeremy here to get our hair cut again. It's the Trinity!"

All stylists in the salon are now chuckling.
Except the old crabby one. (But she kinda lightens up at the end.)

"Let's all get the exact same haircut!" they decide.
"We all want to look the same."

Stylists eyebrows go up.

And from there...
a verbal comedy routine/party/banter is launched.

Blake's stylist looks at me and says, "is he always like this?"
"Yes" say all of us at the same time.
But see, James is no less a slacker in the yakkity comedy BS dept.

They filled this poor salon to the ceiling with their B.S.

A good (if not exhausting) time was had by all.

Facts and Aftermath.

So in the week following her completion of school, and before the actual commencement
ceremonies, Scout has moved to PDX to live with Blake, James and Jeremy, (brother, and friends from Camp).

Worrisome bits:

-She is in the exact middle of change of medications, the effects of change should be showing up anytime now.

-She has never driven in the city. And certainly not on any of the freeways.

-Can become overwhelmed and over tired with too much change going on. I don't know that Blake will be able to recognise the signs of her overload. I barely can.

-The boys are all pretty chaotic. She needs some sort of order.

-She will either share a bedroom with her brother, or won't get one at all (pending). She needs a bit of private time.

-Needs a job.

-Almost got run off the road yesterday because she refused to merge and allow another car in between hers and mine. Repeatedly. In excess of 60 mph. I hope she doesn't get in a car accident. She really has no experience driving on freeways.

When Blake first moved to Portland, he stayed with camp friends, but they were all living with one boys family. (Mom Dad etc) I knew he was going to be fed at least 1 square meal a day and have a safe environment. This is different. Not that Blake, James and JEremy are unsafe - they are safe - but they are 20-23 yr olds. Every minute of every day is one big adventure, and if not, they make it into one. Even yesterday, going to get a simple hair cut turned into a hilarious, spontaneous media-esque event. Scout needs some "down time" at some point, or she will 'pop'. (Especially in the midst of a med change from Zoloft to Selexa.)

I hate this "worry" part of the transition.

I had a lengthy texting conversation with Bryan today. Bryan is a long time friend and a dad. During the course of this convo I came to the conclusion that I am only just small. I should remain alert and yet at the same time, knowing that although I adore my kids, God loves them FAR more and dude! HE is able to be EVERYWHERE. I sure can't. So I have to trust. And pray, and just remain open and available.


I don't want any (ANY!) of "My Kids" (tm) to experience unnecessary pain or discomfort.
(Are "My Kids" (tm) hearin' me?!)
And yet...such is the stuff of normal life.

So I pray.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Season of Flip Flops... I LOVE thee!
Please bless me with your presence and linger long, after other seasonal guests depart.

Carpet Stain Mystery Solved

So I thought all the stained carpet areas beneath the chair where my dad sits for dinner were a result of maybe clumsiness or poor eye-sight, or deteriorated hand-eye coordination on his part.

Not so.

I saw it last night.
I witnessed it.

He throws morsels from his dinner, to the dog - who cannot catch to save her life. She lets it fall and then eats it when it is no longer in motion.

(sigh. *slaps own forehead!*)

I am going to slap him!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Favorite Beach

I found it Friday morning and since I was unsure if the tide was in or out at this time, I decided to check back later in the day. It is a bit of a rocky beach at times, and there are lots of them jutting up out of the water, making it an interesting walk. (Note the waterline)

Yes Virginia, there is a low tide. (Again, make note of the green waterline areas.)

And these are what one finds around the other side of it...

All of the above are part of a horseshoe shaped cave/bowl that during high tide is entirely submerged. Next time I go back I will try and shoot enough to stitch up a panoramic so that you can see how huge the enclosure is. When you see it and stand here, on the dry land and realise that it is entirely buried underwater everyday, it is a bit awe inspiring.

And there it was, further down the cut-off part of the beach:

It's really starting to break up now.

The time it took me to walk from the gap in the big rocks to here was approx 7 minutes. In the time it took me to come through the gap, take this photo and get back to the gap the tide was already moving in at an alarming rate. If I waited another 20-30 minutes, I bet I wouldn't be able to cross back through without getting fairly wet, if I would be able to pass through at all. I was stunned at how quickly the tide races in.

On thing I noticed about the Manzanita beack is how much debris is strewn about it now. Not just driftwood and kelp, but pieces of structures, and lumber etc. Every beach I went to had the same story - of course some of them I had never been to before so I had no previous reference, but the Manzanita beach is usually VERY clean, save for the driftwood and kelp.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beach May 2011 - Saturday

I ate microwave popcorn that expired in 2005 last night, and I am absolutely NOT sick, somehow.

Brownsmead: Where to Begin?

So today I made another jaunt up to Brownsmead to see if I could get a few shots of some of the dilapidated homes. Homes that anywhere else, would be entirely abandoned, but these are not.
I parked along the side of the road to shoot one farm house (that was actually crushed and truly abandoned) and barn with an equally dilapidated boat in the yard and a woman came yelling out of the neighboring house. She's yelling at me, "Who are you?!" "What are you doing and why?!" And on and on etc.

Good thing I got the word on this place from the Historical Society in Astoria. This woman woulda beaten me with a club probably. Even then, she wondered why the archivist hadn't called her to let her know some one would be in the area taking photos! I thought she was mistaken. Did she actually think she knew who I had spoken to yesterday?

She did.

Brownsmead is an intensely guarded secret apparently.

So I chatted this lady up and asked her questions and explained that I had been to see the archivist the day before regarding historical rural homes in the area and that she had sent me directly to Brownsmead to record some of the storm damage of years past - particularly to some historic barns in the area.

This was a great name to drop. It worked well. The woman - while still combative - gave me some information about the Brownsmead Historical Society that meets in the grange once a month. She dropped a name: Jon Westerholm. I continued to shmooze her a bit, not out of any cleverness on my part, but more out of fear. For what ever reason, she accepted my light banter as legit.
Go figure.

So I asked a few more questions, thanked her profusely for her help as she had been "a wealth of knowledge and aid to historical preservation for her area." (ahem. *cough*) and went on my way to seek out my two goals for that day's jaunt:

1). To shoot a picture of a house with either JRyd's or Scout's name written all over it.
2). To shoot a pic of the abandoned train depot and other strange ancient building across from the grange. (all three are at the same crossroads.)

I came over the tracks and found that there were a poop load of cars at the grange.
I had serendipitously stumbled upon the last meeting of the Brownsmead Historical Society for the summer. And of course, there was Jon Westerholm.
We must have talked for an hour and a half.
He mostly talked..but that was good!

"Barefoot Bill and Strawberry":

The house I had ear-marked for Scout or JRyd brought
a wry grin to Jon's face when I inquired about it.
It was indeed one of the older "homes" in the area and
was "inhabited" by two gentlemen:
"Barefoot Bill" and "Strawberry."
When I asked Jon if he thought I could ask if they'd let me take a picture of their place, he shrugged and said, "There's never been a woman on the place. You probably
want to take some one with you when you do."

'nuff said.

I didn't stop (for too long.)
I didn't get out of the car.
I pretended to study a red winged blackbird
and I pretended to shoot pics of IT, while I
grabbed a fleeting snap of their entryway.
This is the only way I could grab a pick at this point.
I hope to get more chances in the coming year.

This "house" should not actually be inhabited.
The front half of the house sits partially on
top of the dike. The back half is on stilts and is
sagging into the surrounding waters.

I especially like the artistic addition of the buddha head they've affixed to the top of the driftwood arch.

There appear to be MANY houses around
the Astoria area that should not be
inhabited. Houses with upper and sometimes
lower windows broken out. House that are
leaning dangerously. It is crazy!
Astoria is a wackier place than Portland
in this way.
Gotta love Astoria.

So anyway...back to my story.
So I am chit chatting with Jon about abandoned
homes and the history of the area and I asked him
about the abandoned railway and suddenly he lights up
and says, "Oh! You're the one Lisa from the Historical Society
called me about yesterday!"
(Again, thank Heaven I stopped in at the Historical
Society yesterday! I think these people woulda strung
me up without that referral!)
Because of it, I am apparently allowed to drive about in the
community and look at the houses.

(This is kinda crazy to me.
It's a road people.
I'll drive on it if I want to?...apparently not.
Not here in Brownsmead.
I hear in the back of my mind the
strains of "Dueling Banjo's".)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Beach, May 2011


Took a major investigatory (is that even a word?) drive in search of abandoned railways. found an abandoned mill in east of Astoria. I am falling in LOVE with Astoria. what a wacky place! I find myself making friends in the Astoria historical society and one of them ends up living directly across from "Hatchet Harry's." The neighbors are chipping in to make sure and keep the overgrowth of shrubs down so that they can all better keep a watchful eye on the place. I guess last year, some one broke in and stole some of the art glass windows out of the second story. She told me who the artist was, but I can't remember. Anyway, TOO sad!
Found some COOL beaches and hopefully tomorrow at low tide, I will sneak around some rocks to the other side of Arcadia Beach in hopes of finding a unique but severely dilapidated abandoned house. Gotta be quick before the tide come back in and leaves me stranded on the wrong side. :o/

So while I am here on my own, i decided to make it a combination "Explore Abandoned Astoria/Personal Spa" trip.
Explorer by day, Mani-Pedicurist tonight!

Friday night: I find it REALLY hard to relax - to settle. I am driven to perpetual movement and am restless. I think I will do one of the puzzles down here. I am only going to attempt to tackle a 100 piece kiddie puzzle. Forget the 1000 piece ones. That is for "Relaxation/Zen Masters."

The "Yelling Combative Scary Lady" encountered in the next post informed me that this was NOT an old mill building but was actually a warehouse for local fisherman, where they would come to mend their nets. It is still in use today and has been so for more than 100 years. I also found out that "Yelling Combative Scary Lady" is part of the Estes family.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Beach

I can't WAIT to see you in 2 days! I am bringing ALL of my camera's, including the
Fish-eye...although if you blow sand on me like last time (which I LOVED-don't get me wrong),
I will be forced to use the cheapest, crap camera = Ye Olde Minolta.

I will be searching for some old Ghost towns on the Washington side as well.

So far it looks like it's just going to be you and me!
I don't think I have EVER been able to have a one-on-one visit with you before.

Dear Beach, I can't WAIT to see what you have planned!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How does it feel?

How does it feel, on one of the first sunny days on the central Oregon High Desert, when you fill the Studebaker up with people and run into Bend for Bacon Burger Baskets at the Sonic (where they rollerskate your food out to your car still)?

According to Kristina Coulter: it feels like playing hookie.

It does.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Status Update;

Dear God,

I like how you are both Not a Freak, and also, a Total Freak,


Sunday, May 1, 2011

It was Katherine Hepburn...

who was my all time favorite actress.
She is still numbered with the greats in my heart, but for actresses living,
I must say my current fave is Meryl Streep.
She is SO amazing! Her range and depth and abilities are beyond comparison.

Among similar greats:
Dame Maggie Smith
Dame Judy Dench.

May Kate Blanchett carry out her current course.
I believe she is racing at a galloping run, toward the
halls of greatness.