Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why are we not surprised?

In other local-ish news: Hanford is contaminating the surrounding areas.

In this local ARTICLE on KTVZ.com (local NBC affiliate) Hanford Nuclear Reservation is (finally) leaking.

Is this a shock?
Who are the numptys that say things like ,"Oh no this (insert thing humans do, say or build) will NEVER break,fail, or die."

Seriously, do we not ALL KNOW that if it is made by man, it will eventually crumble?
Nothing is eternal. (Except God) Nothing is infallible especially if humans were involved in the creation of it.

What happened to all the rocket scientists who built these danged things?

Surely THEY would have told somebody, "Uh, what are you gonna do to keep these facilities maintained so they don't leak?"

Answer: "uh, what do you mean leak? These things will be here for ever".

Dumb asses.

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