Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Streep Thing.

I agreed with her.

Here is why I thought it was the wrong time and place to air such sentiments - no matter how much I agreed with her:

Sometimes people want to get away and have a break form all the BS.
Back in the 40's, it was the movie theaters. Even though they did have news reels running before each film played, it was still a way to take a break.

Isn't that partly what the arts are for?
To help us rest from the daily BS all around us?
Yes the arts are there to educate and challenge us as well.
But right in the middle of an event that is meant to, recognise people for their achievements, and to encourage and entertain others in an uplifting manner, why is it necessary to throw cold water on everyone suddenly.

Yes, Meryl, we love you to death, but thank you for interrupting all these good feelings of the evening to remind us how ugly is the national situation we go back to deal with, after we turn the tv off.

This is the same reason I felt it was VERY inappropriate for the cast of Hamilton to  make the political comments they did when Pence attended. It is kinda like breaking the fourth wall.

Suddenly this lovely time, this experience, was unexpectedly torn apart, and the ugly was allowed to seep back in. While in the midst of enjoying a performance, someone just poked a hole in the fourth wall and poked everybody in the heart, for just a minute. Why was THAT necessary?

And because Meryl Streep IS such a valuable and rightfully respected person, she could have used any venue she wanted.

It didn't HAVE to be the golden globes.

It makes me sad to hear when things like this happen. It is like punching an innocent audience in the stomach.

Leave the fourth wall alone when it comes to politics, imho.


  1. Some of my favorite art is political. Political cartoons go back to King George and further. Art can be beautiful but it can also be expressive. And even sometimes subversive. I'm sorry your wall was punctured, but actors spend a lot of time pretending to be other people, it's less often they get to just be themselves. I think I'm that moment she was trying to be herself and not a character, express herself as herself, and normally when cameras are pointed on her that is not the case. On her side of things, not your side of things, I guess she chose being herself instead of accepting an award saying thanks and stepping down ignoring what was in her heart, as herself, to say. So I guess I was okay with it. Plus I'm really against the "shut up and [sing, act, tell jokes, CEO, etc.]" mentality people have. Humans express their views, good or bad, crazy or uncrazy, buying a ticket to see a performer doesn't mean you own them. So if Kanye wants to be Kanye and take his mental health vacations after he's been ranting on stage again, I guess that's his business. Doesn't seem like a good way to get repeat business, but I wouldn't sue him over ruining one of his own concerts or anything. He's a performer but he's also a human and sometimes humans are where they are at the time and place.