Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow Removal from Roof and the Guillotine

So there is a LOT of snow accumulated on the roof.
My landlord/roomate went to buy a snow removal device but they were all sold out.
So she invented one of her own.
It actually worked.
Quite well.
In this video you will see the proof of it, with myself recording the auspicious event and shouting encouragements (aka heckling). An annoying 5 min long commentary on almost daily life around here.

One thing you won't see in this video, is Patti Jo scraping a large wad of snow so that it would strategically land on me while I was shoveling off the walk way. Also not seen is when the device slipped from the roof, narrowly missing me as I shoveled off the walk below. It would have been a most effective guillotine. I suppose that would have been the Darwin Award part.

In other news, Ika who has been away from the Central Oregon snow and cold for a long while, seems to be re-acclimating after 6 days of single digit and sub-zero temperatures.

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