Thursday, May 25, 2017

Civil War Pics - Round One

This past weekend we all went up to participate in the Civil War Reenactment held by the North West Civil War Council at the House on the Metolius in Camp Sherman.

By "we all" I mean, myself, Kristi, Patti Jo, Scout and Scout.

Here are the first round of pics, courtesy of Kristi:

Scout.  ¥ou can see the Union Encampment in the background.

 Scout and Victoria watching the dancers.

 Scout doing something on the way back from the dance.

 Again Scout does something.

 Scout rolling around on the ground.

 Scout being inappropriate as usual.

 Scout Miller, asleep.

 Scout lays on the ground, calling for Steven or Heidi to pick her up in the shuttle.

 More of Scout being inappropriate.

 Scout and Scout walking that beastly long road.

Patti Jo helps a family looking for some personal effects of their missing soldier.

More to follow, I'm sure.

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