Friday, April 28, 2017

Portland Days

It has been my very great privilege lately to get to spend many weekends with my kids in Portland this past month. Three weekends out of four.

Today, on my drive in to work, this song came up on a CD. It was perfect, because this morning is one of those wonderful "Portland" spring days (even though I am currently in Central OR). It's that rare "Portland" feel.

Everything is green.
The sky is green, the sun is green.
People are green.
And bright.
And this song fits that sensibility perfectly if you know Portland as your home town.

So here is a link, and the best greeting I can give you today is, have a Portland Day:

Recycle because it's the law (punishable by jail time).
Wear your beanie and flannel shirt.
Drink green drinks.  (Or your intense coffee)
Be weird.

Can't wait to go back up to PDX next weekend.

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